Top 10 Posts in 2012

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As this year comes to an end, I figured it would be fun to go geeky with my analytics program and figure out which posts were the most popular.

So here they are (not including any of my recipe posts) starting with #10:

10. Gettin’ My Fix On – Stitch Fix Review
This is what greeted me when I opened my box.


9.  My Life is Lacking Organization

Time to get organized!

8.  I Had a Valentine’s Day Baby
Just Born Mabel

7.  5 Weeks Pregnant! (kind of surprised this one is still popular!)

6.  I Got a ‘Push Present’

5.  Baby Girl’s Name Reveal

4.  Mabel’s Birth Story – Natural Labor and Delivery
(This is just part 1 of 3 so don’t feel obligated to watch, ha!)

3.  27 Weeks Pregnant – Hello Third Semester

2.  Mommy Things That I’m Not Ashamed Of

And drum roll please for the most visited post…
1. Button Letter Nursery Artwork Tutorial (I guess I have Pinterest to thank for making this one #1)  🙂
Button Letter - E

Stay tuned for more end of year posts and my New Years resolutions!

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