Mabel’s First Stroller Ride

This weekend was a slow weekend which was perfect for catching up on sleep (I owe my husband for letting me sleep in and taking care of Mabel) and working on finishing some orders from my shop.  But I couldn’t let the whole weekend pass without spending some time outdoors since the weather was perfect.  That’s when the bright idea hit me that we should take Mabel out in her stroller (it’s an UPPAbaby Vista for those interested) for her first stroller ride.  Well, technically not her first since she’s been around in the bassinet and the infant carrier but this was her first ride in the toddler seat.

As my husband and I were trying to figure out how to attach the stroller seat correctly, I was quickly reminded that trying to put together baby items and gear always make me feel like a complete moron.  I have made my husband swear to never throw out any manuals since I would be completely lost without them.  We got the seat in and then had to adjust the harness safety straps.  After a few colorful words later and looking back in the manual for help, the seat was all ready to go!  In all honestly, it wasn’t that hard…I just lack any type of patience.

Mabel got tucked inside only for us to find out that the harness was still a tad too big for, even at its smallest setting.  The manual said children 3 months and older were able to fit in the seat…so this just confirmed that Mabel is a tiny little gal.  We figured she’d be okay since we weren’t planning any crazy excursions…just a walk around the neighborhood.

Off we went.

She seemed to enjoy herself and was absorbed in looking at the new world around her.  It’s amazing what a different perspective does for a baby.

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