Mabel’s Got A License to Drive

Well…not really.  But she does have some license plates!  😉

vintage name license plates Mabel

I’ve always seen those blue and white license plates at stores with every popular child’s name out there…but no plate ever has Mabel’s name.  I thought we would NEVER be able to to get her a cute little license plate for her bike.  That’s the trouble with picking an ‘antique’ name that isn’t considered popular anymore.

But then came a pleasant accident.  I can’t remember what I was searching on Etsy, but a listing popped up with vintage license name plates from the 1950’s.  And low and behold…the gentleman selling them had several plates with Mabel’s name!  I snatched up 3 without even thinking!  Honestly, when am I going to get the chance to find her name on any license plate ever again?!  And you all know my weakness for antique and vintage items!

And these plates are bigger than those tiny plates in the stores now…and a lot sturdier.  You have to love the quality of things made 60+ years ago!

Cozy Coupe License Plate

Mabel License Plate

I love the aging of the plates…it makes me think of the little Mabel who might have enjoyed these back in the 1950’s.  🙂  Nothing can beat an item that has a story behind it!

If you have a child with an older name and have the same trouble as I did…I highly suggest you check out his vintage license plate listing to see if your kiddo’s name is on there!  There are even a lot of classic names on the list that are available!  Tim (the owner) has tons of other names.  😉  And, his shop, The Old Time Junk Shop, has a bunch of other neat things!  It’s worth a look!  I’m already thinking purchasing other items that he has listed so that I can make some more Pinterst inspired DIY projects!

Is your child’s name on the license plate list?  Or do you have problems finding personalized items with your child’s name?  

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2 thoughts on “Mabel’s Got A License to Drive

  1. Colleen H. says:

    I could never find anything with my name on it growing up, and I was mean and gave my kids names that they can’t get stuff either. Although I don’t think Miles and Rhys are too out there for names =)

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