I Don’t Want to Jinx It….

I for sure don’t want to jinx this…but I think it’s safe to tell you all:

Mabel is sleeping through the night!

Mabel Sleeps Through the Night!!

I’m talking about 7pm to 8am!  It’s been a week of this miracle and I want to scream it from the rooftops.  No more diaper leaks in the morning since they are soooo dry compared to when she was waking up for feedings.

Jeez, it only took her two weeks shy of her 1st birthday, lol!

Crying it out didn’t work for her…and it didn’t work for me.  I just couldn’t do it (maybe I’m a wuss?).  I’ve learned that babies will sleep through the night when they are ready, some sooner than others…and apparently Mabel just needed nightly feedings for the first 11 months of her life.

She owes me when I’m old and can’t take care of myself…

And for all you ladies whose babies were sleeping through the night just weeks after you delivered them…you don’t know how lucky you’ve had it!  😉  Or maybe you do know how lucky you are, if it’s your second + child!  My next baby better be like that!  Honestly these are the first nights of great sleep I’ve had since I was about 6 months pregnant.  And it feels wonderful!

Then I find myself thinking about having another baby….and I decide that right now, my priority is getting full night of sleep!!!

How long did it take your baby to sleep through the night?

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9 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Jinx It….

  1. Osha says:

    Awesome! My daughter temporarily was sleeping through the night when she was 9/10 months old. She’ll be 1 tomorrow & I’m having to start all over again with trying to get her to sleep through the night. Enjoy those good nights of sleep 🙂

  2. Colleen H. says:

    Enjoy it!!!!

    My oldest didn’t sleep longer than 2 1/2 hours at a time until he was 14 months old (he totally owes me!). He started sleeping through the night at 16 months. My youngest slept through the night around 13 months.

  3. Amber @ Momma In Bloom says:

    Our first, LW, was sleeping through the night in his own crib at 4 months old. Our second, NK, took closer to 8 months before she was sleeping through the night in her own crib (and even that didn’t last very long as she soon began the teething thing). So happy to hear that Mabel is sleeping for you and that you are finally getting some adequate rest! YAY! 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Kaleb woke up every morning at 5am for a feeding until he was nearly a year. We used the babywise method for sleep training, but he would not give up that feeding! Finally at 11 mos, using babywise again, we got him sleeping through the night. It’s been over a year of sleeping soundly! We’ve been trying for baby #2 for nearly 10 mos and every month that goes by that it doesn’t happen, I do relish in the fact that it’s one month longer of a full nights sleep. 😉

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