Makeup Monday – Favorite IT Cosmetics Products

I’ve been meaning to do a post on my favorite IT Cosmetics products for a while and I finally found the time to profess my love.  😉  I purchased all of these products and IT Cosmetics has no idea who little old me is!

A little bit of a back story…I discovered It Cosmetics completely by chance when flipping through the channels and landing on QVC.  I got sucked into on of their shows, ordered some products on a whim and here I am, months later, still in love with every product I’ve purchased.

it cosmetics favorites - cc cream, bye bye under eye, celebration illumination, naturally pretty face palette

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Left to right: CC+ Cream, Bye Bye Under Eye, Celebration Foundation Illumination, Naturally Pretty Face Palette (no longer available)

I’ve been using It Cosmetics for close to a year now and their biggest appeal to me is that I’ve found all of their products to be straightforward, easy and quick to use, and very natural looking.  Basically, when I’m pressed for time and need to throw some makeup on before dashing out the door to drop/pick Mabel up from school, these are my go to items!

it cosmetics celebration illumination
You can tell that I’ve been using it…I wear it in the shade Fair.

Let me start with my favorite product of them all…the Celebration Foundation (I have the Illumination version…there is a matte version too but I prefer the radiant glow that Illumination gives).  There was a tiny learning curve to this powder since it came off too heavy for me at first.  Basically, all you need to do it swirl a tiny (and I mean tiny!) bit on the brush (if you order through QVC there is an option that comes with a brush and saves a ton of money as opposed to buying separately) and then tap off the excess before buffing it onto your face.  I had forgotten to tap off the excess when I started using it at first…big mistake.  But now that I’ve mastered the technique…it’s been amazing!  I’ve found that even when I have a blemish or even discolored spots, a quick swirl of this foundation takes care of it and I’m ready to dash out the door.   Complete time saver!

I’ve found that the powder works best if you don’t have super dry skin…if you do happen to have dry skin or you prefer a liquid during colder months, check out their CC+ Cream.  This is another favorite of mine!

cc cream it cosmetics

The cream comes in a tube with a pump at the end.  It’s easy to pump out the amount you need if you’re careful and that’s great because you waste less product.  Once again, I wear the shade Fair and I’ll give you a peek as to what it looks like on my skin:

cc cream it cosmetics

It’s a pretty darn good match!  I always have problems finding fair shades that aren’t too yellow so I’m thrilled with the coloring.  I want to make note that the product provides full coverage but doesn’t feel thick on my skin…I can’t stand thick liquid makeups.  I wore this a lot this past summer and held up well in the heat.

Moving on…my current under eye concealer = Bye Bye Under Eye.

Sleepless mom eyes begone!

I forgot to take a picture but it’s the little black tube to the right in the photo below.  A little goes a loonnnngggg way!  This tube is going to last me forever, and once it’s set with some powder, it stays put all day.

it cosmetics naturally pretty face palette - bye bye pores pressed blush, vitality matte bronzer, hello light creme, bye bye pores pressed powder

Okay…the gorgeous palette above is no longer available.  Big sad face.  It took me so long to get around to posting about it that I realized QVC had sold out.  BUT 3 out of 4 of the products in the palette are still available on their own.

Here are the swatches:

it cosmetics naturally pretty face palette - bye bye pores pressed blush, vitality matte bronzer, hello light creme, bye bye pores pressed powder

Left to right:  Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder (translucent), Vitality Matte Bronzer (warmth), Bye Bye Pores Pressed Blush (Je Ne Sais Quoi), Hello Light Creme (Radiance)

All of these colors are amazing on pale skin…and to be fair, on pretty much every skin tone.  The Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder has been amazing at setting my makeup and even wearing alone since I love the way it feels on my skin.  The Vitality Matte Bronzer is a nice touch to adding a bit of color even though I’m a pale and pale can be, lol!  I just put it on with a light hand and the color is very flattering.  Next, my favorite, the Bye Bye Pored Pressed Blush in Je Ne Said Quoi is the perfect natural color.  I know it might look a bit pink on my finger but added to my cheeks, it’s the most natural, healthy looking glow.  That exact color is no longer available but they have a pretty close match here.  And finally the Hello Light Cream.  This silky smooth cream allows me to add a highlight to any area…I like to use my finger and dab a tiny bit on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye.

Now…I’m eyeing their TIGHTLINE Full Lash Mascara and that will probably be my next purchase.  😉  Anyone try that out yet?

Have you tried any product from IT Cosmetics?  If so, what product and what do you think?

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