A Mango? 19 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Girl is the size of a mango!  Whenever I think of mangoes, how bad is it that I think of the Saturday Night Live sketch ‘Mango’ with Chris Kattan?  Ha!
Taken from www.thebump.com
She has been on the move….a lot!  I feel her all the time and the biggest news has been that I’ve been able to see her move from the outside of my belly, feel her move on the outside AND Hubby was able to feel her move too!  The look on his face was priceless when he felt her move the first time…it was shock and amazement.  😉  I’m starting to get really excited to meet her, not that I wasn’t from the beginning, but it’s just a reality now with her moving around that there is a little baby growing in me.  Now, she just needs to continue baking for another 4 months.  Wow, time is flying!

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