We Bought a Crib (and a Mattress)!

Let me start this post with tell you ladies about what I call my baby bible…a wonderful book that all expectant mothers should have:
Baby Bargains
Taken from BarnesandNoble.com
 This book is amazing!  It rates everything you could imagine and gives them a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F.  The items that the book discusses ranges from cribs, to mattresses, to toys, to breast pumps, to strollers, to bottles and the list goes on and on.  Since I’m a first time momma, it’s given me a good insight to what I need vs don’t need and how to save money.  An example of this is:  Don’t waste money on a bassinet when you can get a Pack n’ Play that can be used as a bassinet and then used again as the child gets older, which a bassinet can’t be (yay for saving money!).
My purchase of a crib was highly influenced by this book and I ultimately picked a crib from a company that was rated with the highest mark of an A.  Here it is, the ‘Time To Turn In’ crib from The Land of Nod. The link will take you to the crib page and to The Land of Nod’s website.
Time to Turn In Crib
I ended up picking this crib because of the spindles.   I love the look of the Jenny Lind Crib that DaVinci makes but since it wasn’t rated as highly in the book, I decided to go with this crib.  Now, on the other hand, some might consider this an expensive crib but there were reasons that we chose it.  Not only did it have a good rating in my book, it’s made in the USA and it’s made out of maple.  Why does it matter that it’s maple?  Well, maple is a hardwood and cheaper cribs tend to be made out of soft wood like pine or MDF (which is composite wood).  This might be okay if we were only planning on having one kiddo, but we plan on having our 2nd fairly quickly after the first and want to be able to reuse the crib.  Therefore the cost evens out since a more durable crib will last longer.
Onto the mattress.  I’m not a tree hugging hippy (lol, totally fine if you are) and am not obsessed with everything having to be organic but I’m a little more picky when it comes to my baby.  We bought the Naturepedic Organic Lightweight Cotton Classic Crib Mattress on Amazon for $259.  
Now, once again that may seem a little pricey (and boy was I surprised with how expensive some mattresses can get!) but it was the highest rated mattress again in the book.  What I love is that this mattress doesn’t have coils.  It’s made with natural pocketing from the organic cotton as the filler.  The mattress comes standard with a waterproof and dust-mite proof liner (not like the crinkly loud stuff on the cheaper mattresses). We also figure we can reuse the mattress for the 2nd baby too!
If you’re still thinking the pricing is a little crazy…have no fear!  The book offers lots of options for all price points.  In addition to rating companies and items with a letter grade they ultimately pick the top three for every category as Good, Better and Best (which normally goes by price point).
Anyway this was a long post and I’m just excited that in the next few weeks I’ll have both the mattress and crib.  Still thinking it may be too early to start buying stuff?  Well just know that several of the cribs I was looking into are on back order or out of stock.  The crib we ordered won’t be shipped for another month.  Sometimes it can take cribs several weeks to ship due to coming straight from the maker…so make sure to budget your time wisely.  🙂  Start your research now and go buy the book!

Oh and happy 19 weeks to me!

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One thought on “We Bought a Crib (and a Mattress)!

  1. Helen says:

    I just read 'Baby Bargains' cover to cover! For me it was filled with invaluable information for a first time mama! I was disappointed with their cloth diapering section, but for all the stroller and car seat info the book is just a must have for any pregnant woman! I love the crib you picked out – gorgeous! ~ Helen from YouTube

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