Meeting Santa

meeting santa

There’s a first time for everything…
And yesterday was the first time for meeting Santa (for both girls).

As we wandered into our small town’s mall, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  And when I call it a mall, that’s kind of a stretch.  It’s one of those malls that has about 20 shops most of which are stores that you’ve never heard of.  Most stores are sold out in the sizes you need…and you’re just better off ordering things online, lol!  So I was thinking the Santa display would be outdated, decked out with a 20 year old in a Santa suit that looked nothing like the real Santa.

I was wrong.  Incredibly wrong…

Our small town Santa looked amazing.  He reminded me of the Santa from the 90’s remake of Miracle on 34th Street!

The wonderful thing about being in a small town…there was no wait.  Mabel immediately walked up to Santa and hopped on his lap.  And without making a big deal of it, my husband pretty much tossed Millie at him too.  The key is not giving her too much time to process things or else she would have been crying and screaming.  Although I will admit the look on her face in the photo was of pure confusion…”Why did you just hand me to this strange man?!”.

With a few clicks of the camera…this was the best photo we got.  Millie wouldn’t look directly at the camera but Mabel cooperated and looked happy = success.

After scooping up Millie right before she started to cry, Mabel got to talk to Santa.  He asked her what she wanted and if she had been a good girl.  She of course said yes (hmmm…I’ll agree with that most of the time) and that she really wanted some Thomas the Train toys and Blaze toys.

I love my little tomboy, lol!

And just like that, it was done.  She said goodbye to Santa and off we went.

Thank you small town Santa for being awesome, looking the part and most of all talking to my children wholeheartedly and loving your job.  It means a lot…

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