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method laundry review - making laundry last longer

As a mom of two girls…a big concern of mine is stretching a dollar by making their clothes last longer.  Who wants to buy more clothing because of harsh laundry detergents that fade clothing or that don’t live up to fighting stains?  My goal is to be able to save the majority of Mabel’s clothes that I love to be loved and worn again by Millie.  🙂

So lately we’ve been giving method concentrated laundry detergent a go.

method laundry review - making laundry last longer

Some things that I look for in a detergent to use on clothing and bedding for my family is that it is first and foremost hypoallergenic…which method is.  We’ve been using the Clover scent for us and Mabel (she loves clean scents and will smell everything I pull out of the dryer, lol!) and the Free + Clear scent on Millie’s items.  And as a mother, I think it’s important for a company to be completely transparent in the ingredients in their products, which method is.  On their site, they list all of the ingredients included and explain what each is.  Kudos to them!

Now I’m sure all of you mommas are used to this sight:

method laundry review - making laundry last longer

A bunch of brand new clothes for a season (one thing I can’t stand about kid clothing are all the tags you have to cut off!)!  And the last thing I want to think about after spending a pretty penny on clothing is laundry detergent fading them!  So rest assured, method helps to preserve colors and keep whites white!  It also cleans with naturally derived cleaning power to get rid of stains since we all know babies and toddlers are prone to messes!  method can also be used as a stain pre-treatment…multi use products are kinda my thing.  😉

method laundry review - making laundry last longer

And lastly, a little goes a long way!  Because method is 4x concentrated, one bottle will last for a lot of loads!  That’s what my wallet like to hear, lol!

We’ve had a great experience with method so far, so I’m pretty sure Mabel’s new clothes will go on to survive this summer and live to be worn again in a few years by Millie.

Have you tried method yet?  What’s your favorite scent?
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  1. Hanna says:

    Nice! Thank you for the review. I’ve been loving Method’s glass surface cleaner and I am excited to try their laundry detergent.

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