I Went For a Run – Becoming a Runner

becoming a runner - 14 minute mile

After talking about finding my motivation the other day it was finally time to get out there…

I went for a run…and quickly realized that this running goal of mine isn’t going to be easy.

I’m slow…like painfully slow…like you can walk faster than I run slow.

And the ‘what the heck were you thinking‘ thought has popped into my head endlessly after signing myself up for two half marathons (one is in November and one is in January).  My husband keeps telling me that I have plenty of time to train and that despite what I think, if I keep working at it, I’ll be able to accomplish the half marathons.

I sure hope so.

Let me break it down for you…I hate running and never have been a runner.  So this whole journey to becoming a runner is definitely a challenging one.

And I won’t lie…my average mile is horrible…my average time is a 14.32 minute mile.  I keep telling myself you have to start somewhere.  On my past two runs the only thing that goes through my head is: how much longer?  Only to look at my Nike+ app on my phone and realize I haven’t even gotten half way.  I need to stop looking at the darn thing during my runs.

But seriously, if I read one more person on the internet complaining about their horrible time for a mile (at like 10 minutes or even less), I’m going to find them and punch them cause I would kill for that time.  It’s like back in high school when you asked someone how they did on a test and they said ‘horrible’ only to find out when they got the test back, they scored pretty high.

Just own your time…there’s always room for improvement.

The one thing I do have is determination.  I will get better.  I will get in shape.  And I will like running.

So here’s to becoming a runner…and crossing that half marathon finish line in November!

4 thoughts on “I Went For a Run – Becoming a Runner

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  2. Gisela says:

    How is it going? Did you change your diet? I just started training for a full but I’m kinda nervous. Not sure what to eat. I’ve read changing your diet (healthy eating vs junk food) has a big impact on your performance.

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