Moving in…the never ending process.

So…we moved in on Friday and our upstairs AC busted that day.  We have been sleeping on our sofa bed for the past few nights…the AC should get fixed tomorrow and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to finally getting to sleep in my own bed!  Our house is full of boxes, we had a new Samsung front load washer/dryer installed on Friday (which I am in LOVE with!), and all new stainless steel LG kitchen appliances installed this morning.  Lastly, we are having new counter tops put in (in about two weeks) and new carpeting put down (in about a week).  I still need to hire a painter and get some other odds and ends done.  It’s all been a pretty crazy past two weeks but I’d rather get all this stuff done in the beginning then to drag it out and never get around to it.

There will be an update posted tomorrow afternoon/evening about my pregnancy.  I want to thank WeeChick for her positive comment on my last posting.  I’ve been a little nervous due to my lack of symptoms but I guess we’ll find out how the baby is doing as of tomorrow at my first dr’s appointment. Wish me luck!

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