We own a home!

So I’m back…but not officially until Tuesday.  We have been living with my father for the past week, settled on our house today, movers come first thing tomorrow morning, and the internet guy comes on Tuesday!  I have been busy, busy, busy!  Soooo, expect my postings and videos to start again next week!

I have my first official appointment on Wednesday with an OB.  I’ll admit that I’m nervous though…I still have yet to get morning sickness and don’t really have any symptoms.  I’ve read that some women are really this lucky…but since we were in the process of moving, I just have felt that something may not be 100% okay with my pregnancy.  So, I guess I’ll have an answer on Wednesday, which seems forever away.  I’ve also been trying to stop myself from googling every possible thing because I always get myself depressed that I’ve somehow miscarried.  I know this sounds crazy but I’ve been reading way too many posts on forums about women who either have a blighted ovum or some other reason why the embryo stops growing…and that little voice in my head keeps telling me something isn’t right.  Ugh!  So, for now, I’ll just be patient and try to be positive.

I’ll give you all an update as soon as I can.  I just now have to focus on unpacking and getting moved in to keep my mind off of negative things.  Please send positive vibes my way!  Thanks.  🙂

2 thoughts on “We own a home!

  1. WeeChick says:

    An old midwife once gave me great advice. She said "sweetheart,once that babies in your tummy you'll worry about everything. And when they come out dont think it stops there…."
    Its natural to worry about pregnancy stuff so stay positive as cheery vibes will help it become a happy wee soul once its here 😀

  2. Modern Momma says:

    @WeeChick…thanks so much for that comment..it made me feel as much at ease as I could be! 🙂 I have my first dr's appointment tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out truly what's going on. Thanks again.

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