My Little Hair Tie Secret

I absolutely can’t stand when I take my hair out of a ponytail only to have that horrible mark left by the hair tie.  🙁  I end up having to put my hair right back up!  This all changed a few months ago when I discovered Knotieties!

Oh so pretty headbands!
Oh so pretty headbands!

Knotieties are elastic hair ties and headbands that don’t leave marks on your hair when you take them off!  For real…I’ve never taken them off to find my hair crimped from where the tie was!

There are a whole bunch of different options with colors and a choice between plain and sparkly (who doesn’t need a little sparkle in her life??).  The picture above are two sets that I picked up off of the Knotieties FB page…almost every Monday evening there are a few special deals put up!

Also, if you’ve seen me with my bubble necklaces and the necklace that I had on in my last update vlog…they are from Knotieties too.  🙂  I’m obsessed…what can I say?

Here are two ways that I’ve been wearing my headbands: knotietie sparkle headband

Vintage Inspired!
Vintage Inspired!

For those of you who are interested, I’m working on completing a tutorial post for the 2nd pic! 

If you have a free minute, I highly suggest you check out the Knotieites shop and browse all the hair goodies and jewelry.  Anyway…that was a public service announcement for the day!  😉


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