Reboot With Juicing?


Lately I’ve been all over the place with researching different ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve lost the baby weight, am exactly at my pre-pregnancy weight but I’m not happy with my body and I’m in a rut.  We eat out more than I’d like and I eat more junk food than I want to.

But it’s easy.

That’s horrible but true, isn’t it?  After a long day of watching Mabel and trying like crazy to get everything accomplished that I need to for the day within the time frame of her two naps, I more often than not don’t feel like cooking dinner.  Ordering delivery/take out is the simple way out and my husband doesn’t argue since he’s tired from a long day of work too.

I feel gross.  Too much processed foods and I’m completely bloated.  Completely frustrated…and feeling like my body will never be exactly like it was before birth.  :\  I only have myself to blame.

The quick fix that I’m looking for doesn’t exist.  Bummer.

But last night, I found hope.  I stumbled upon a link on Pinterest for juice cleanse recipes.  My interest was peaked but I was skeptical.  We had owned a juicer before and it was horrible!  Not the actual juice (it was pretty good) but the juicer was a pain to clean and spit pulp all over the counter.  🙁  Spending so much money on a machine only for it to be a piece of junk left a sour taste in my mouth!


And within the link that I found on Pinterest was info on Joe Cross and his documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I have to tell you…I feel so inspired and motivated by this documentary!  You MUST see it and I’ve included it below (free thanks to Hulu!).  It’s about an hour and a half long so if you don’t have the time to watch it now…come back and watch it when you do!  You won’t be sorry.

I stayed up until almost 3am watching this last night!  I’m totally paying for it this morning…but I’m so happy that I watched it!  And now I finally know what to tell my husband what I want for Christmas:  a Breville juicer (Joe had the Juice Fountain Plus model)!  And if you’re wondering, the juicer I had previously was a Jack Lalanne brand and I highly suggest you stay away from those!  Always read reviews before you purchase something that big…and all the Breville models have really good reviews.

And before you even think about not being able to do juicing because the price of a juicer…just know that it’s way cheaper than any diet program out there (way cheaper than what I paid for Nutrisystem).

My plan is to incorporate juicing after the holidays.  I want to get my shi* together (sorry for the language…I feel strongly about this!).  For real this time.  I can’t keep eating the way that I have been and if we want to have another child in the future, I don’t want to go into another pregnancy not feeling my best!

I will keep you all updated and when I start my 3 day juice cleanse, I will let you know how it goes and keep you posted along the way!  In the meantime check out Joe’s site called RebootYourLife…lots of great healthy recipes both for regular foods and juices!  Plus he walks you through intro juice cleansing plans, (3 days – 15 days with juice and food options).

I’m pretty excited!  Can you tell?  🙂

What is you take on the movie?


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3 thoughts on “Reboot With Juicing?

  1. Amber Cease says:

    It’s crazy that you posted this, because I have recently been a bit “under the weather” and not feeling quite 100%. So while out and about grocery shopping on Saturday, slightly foggy from the cold medication (hate this feeling), I bought 4 bottles of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Fruit Smoothies for an extra source of antioxidants and Vitamins A & C the past few mornings. I have been feeling much better and thought these “juices” could be a good thing, but couldn’t justify the price you pay for the organic varieties in the grocery store… So thanks for posting this! I will definitely be checking it out and look forward to your updates! 😉

  2. noel says:

    So…I mean, I dont want to watch the entire 90 minute thing lol but I’m intrigued. Do you drink the juice consistently everyday? Or detox for week every few months? Hmm…I’m so much better at excercising than I am at dieting. I love food. But I get like you get when you don’t eat healthy, if I miss the gym (which I have been so inconsistent this whole month, blasted holidays) then I feel sluggish, I don’t sleep as well, and I have less energy/motivation. So weird! But please give me the 411 about the juice non diet!

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