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Since I turn 36 weeks pregnant on Saturday, I figured it was time to tell you all about our birth plan. Yes, I’m one of those people who like to plan…but don’t worry, I didn’t go overboard with the birth plan.  
I explain a lot in the vlog but read below afterwards for more:
(I look scary in this thumbnail…woo hoo YouTube!)
 Like I said in the video, I think when you plan out too much, you’re setting yourself up for something to not go your way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally think you need to educate yourself on all of your options and all of the possibilities of what might happen…but I really think you MUST be flexible!
My husband and I spent a lot of time doing our research and reading books, and for us…a natural water birth is what we think we’d like.
Why a natural birth? – Well, we honestly think it’s what’s best for both me and Baby Mabel.  The less drugs in my system, the better!  😉  Long story short, I’ve read some studies that show that drugs like pitocin and epidurals can slow down labor, put stress on the baby and then increase your chances of getting a c-section.  Please understand that these are just our views and I don’t judge at all if these things are part of your birth plan.  🙂  They just aren’t part of ours.
Because we knew wanting a natural birth was so important to us, we decided to have our baby at a midwife run birth center where they don’t give pitocin or epidurals.  I figured if those two things weren’t an option in the first place, I’d be less likely to be talked into getting them.
Why a water birth? – Simple, water is shown to be a natural pain reliever!  Plus, it just looks nice and our birth center has a water birth room…so why not take advantage of at least trying it?  From the videos I’ve watched on other water births, babies seem to be born more calm in the water…it seems to make the transition smoother.  And, the water seems to reduce the amount of tears moms have while giving birth since the water helps to soften and warm your perineum.  Yep, sign me up!
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3 thoughts on “Natural Birth Plan – Water Birth

  1. bipofreak says:

    I love your birth plan. I'm hoping to have one very similar to yours when I have my own children. Thankfully there is a brand new birthing center relatively close to where we currently live. I'm thrilled about this for several reasons: 1. Midwives are illegal to have at home births in Nebraska. 2. I live in an apartment so unless that changes before I have children a home birth would not be a great idea. 3. My family really wants a "hospital" birth because they think I would be safer and I like birthing centers because they feel more like home so a birthing center is a nice mid-point. 🙂 Good luck with your plan! I hope all goes well for you and baby!!

  2. bcbmommie says:

    I've had 2 homebirths. Labored in the water for both of them. My second child, my first homebirth the water was magical at relieving pain! it was wonderful! To me felt like the worst day period cramps. The second homebirth, my third child, the water did not help at all, but that was because she came out with her hand across her face. I did not tear at all with either child, and they were 8lbs 4oz, and 8lbs even. Good luck to you!

  3. Marie says:

    I’m also interested in doing a natural water birth someday. My significant other and I are in our first cycle trying to conceive but I've been researching everything pregnancy, birth, and baby related for years. I’ve done tons of research and after doing the research I feel that a natural water birth is 100% the way I would like to give birth. My family thinks I’m crazy, but women were giving birth naturally way before hospitals, pitocin, and epidurals were around and they were doing so safely. As women, we're going to remember how we were made to feel while we're giving birth and IMO doctors and hospitals make women feel like they do not know how to birth and make birthing a bad experience for women, that is just my opinion. All I have left to do is research insurance related stuff now because midwifes are not licensed in the state I live in unfortunately.

    How did you go about finding out if your insurance covers water births?

    Would you recommend starting off going to an OB and then switching to a birth center or going with a midwife from the beginning?

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog entries and looking forward to reading about your birthing experience.


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