Newborn and Momma Must Haves

The past few weeks have been a tad crazy…but I wanted to share a few of the things have helped to make things not as crazy as they could have been, lol!

If you’re breastfeeding, check out my breastfeeding essentials list too.

So sit back…and get ready for me to blab about some baby and mommy items that I love:

Newborn and Mom Must Haves - The perfect list of items to help make it through the first month with an infant (items for both mommy and baby).*Some links are affiliate links.

  1. Babysoy Kimono Gowns –  I loved baby gowns when Mabel was an infant…they provided easy access for diaper changes.  These gowns are my favorite due to the snaps down the side, which allows you to put them on your little one easier than the gowns you have to put over your infant’s head…hey, I know when I want to pick my battles and fighting a newborn to get something over their head when I don’t have to isn’t one I want to pick!
  2. Marpac DOHM Sound Machine – Best $49 bucks I ever spent, I know that sounds insane for a little sound machine but it really is amazing.  There is an actual fan inside the unit and it creates a soft white noise (not like the harsh white noise you’ve probably heard before on cheaper machines) and it’s worked miracles on blocking out sounds that would normally wake Millie…like barking Pugs.  Plus, I think I even sleep better with it on in our room.
  3. Little Giraffe Bella Velvet Baby Blanket – Now this was another splurge but I was lucky enough to find it on sale a few months before Millie arrived.  It’s by far the softest, most cuddly blanket I’ve found and it comes in several different colors.
  4. Blooming Bath – It’s a soft, fabric covered, foam bath for babies that fits easily into almost every sink.  We had a pink one for Mabel and now a green one for Millie and they are great!  When it comes to drying after a bath, just squeeze the water out and hang to dry.  You can also machine wash it!
  5. aden+anias Bamboo Swaddle Pack – These have been great, are very large to easily swaddle with (most swaddle blankets I’ve purchased from other companies aren’t truly big enough to swaddle without them unfolding!) and come in a huge variety of prints and colors.  I also find them light and airy enough to cover with while I’m nursing in public.
  6. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – Hands down best diaper cream ever.  Used it with Mabel and now Millie.
  7. Gerber Heavyweight Gauze Prefolds – Don’t waste your money on frilly burp cloths!  The colored burp cloths with prints don’t soak anything up!  Therefore I use these bad boys as burp cloths and nothing compares to them.
  8. Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack – Simply awesome…I think these existed when Mabel was a baby but I didn’t know it.  It’s perfect for drying bottles, utensils, pacifiers or anything baby (or toddler) related.  Plus it looks neat on your counter!
  9. Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap – We’ve been using this for awhile on Mabel’s cups and just as an all around kitchen soap.  The foam lasts forever and is completely safe for baby.
  10. Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym – Millie loves the bright colors, hanging toys and musical star and lights.  I like how durable it seems to be and was very easy to put together.
  11. Lily Jade Caroline Bag – My FAVORITE diaper bag.  It’s real leather, worth every penny, holds everything you could possibly need for your baby, and will work perfectly even when it’s no longer needed as a diaper bag.
  12. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling – this is one of the slings I have and the color is Marin in the Chambray line.  I’m huge into baby-wearing and sometimes wearing Millie is the only way I can get things done during the day.  Plus Sakura Bloom slings look so chic!
  13. HALO Bassinest Essentia Series – Best and most innovative bassinet ever.  It’s super sturdy, can swivel right over to your bed (I can be super close + safe with having Millie close to me), and the side of the Bassinest bends down so that you can easily get your baby out at night to nurse or feed.
  14. Sportline Hydracoach-Intelligent Water Bottle – If you’re nursing you need to drink a TON of water…so this neat little water bottle keeps track of how much water you drink so you don’t lose count!
  15. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing – I love this swing because of the neutral colors…it doesn’t stick out like an eyesore in our family room.  Seems to do a great job at sensing baby’s weight and swing speed (supposedly due to the ‘Smart Swing Technology’) but I’ll give you a heads up that it does have a slightly loud motor while it’s starting up.  Not a big deal though since it’s only when it’s starting up in order to get the swing’s momentum up.  Millie loves the mirror and birds that spin around + the nature sounds!

What are your newborn or momma must haves that I didn’t mention?  I’m always looking for new things that might make life a bit easier!

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