Our Bath Time Must Haves

I can talk endlessly about how important and fun bath time is for our little ones…so today I figured I’d share some of my favorite items from the past three years (all of these items have been used and loved in our house).

And if you’re looking for a fun bath time activity for your little one, try these DIY bath paints!

Bath Time Must Haves for Baby and Toddler - practical and fun items that have all been used and loved in our house!

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  1. Green Toys Submarine – Green Toys makes all of their toys from 100% recycled milk jugs and that’s one of the main reason why I love this line of toys!  The propeller swirls and there is a handle on the top of the submarine so you can scoop up water.  Mabel loves hers and she also has a dump truck that we bought recently (not for the tub though).
  2. Shelfie – You might have seen this in several of our other bath posts and it’s a genius idea!  It turns the ledge of your tub into a shelf so your kiddos can use it to have more room to play with toys (Mabel uses ours to have tea parties, lol!).  It easily attaches with two suction cups underneath it and then is easy to remove too.
  3. Bean Clean Cradle Cap Brush – both Millie and Mabel had cradle cap and I’m so happy that I found this brush this time around.  It’s super gentle and helps to massage your baby’s head.  It’s not just for babies with cradle cap though…I’ve found that even after the cradle cap has gone away, Millie loves how it feels (I get lots of smiles from her!).
  4. Lulujo Organic Cotton Facecloths – Hands down…these are amazing.  We use them as washcloths for the girls.  They are super soft and are 100% organic cotton.
  5. Puj Snug – An ultra soft spout cover for your tub faucet.  It’s basically thin foam in the shape of a cute elephant head.  Ours has held up well for the past couple of months and has saved Mabel from some head bumps.  😉  We have a white one but it comes in several different colors.
  6. Munchkin Foam Bath Letters – Hey, it’s never too early to introduce your kiddos to the alphabet!  Mabel loves sticking them when they are wet to the side of the tub.  She also enjoys telling us what each letter is and the color that it is.
  7. Blooming Bath – I cannot say enough about this bath for babies!  We had one for Mabel and now we have one for Millie.  It’s flexible and soft, can be washed in the washing machine (and dried too!) and fits in almost every sink.  We’ve used it with Millie since she was born and I love that it’s soft compared to the hard plastic tubs that are sold in all of the big box stores.  These come in a variety of colors.
  8. Zoocchini Hooded Towel – Seriously adorable towels for little ones!  They range in size from baby to kid and come in a wide variety of animals.  We have Lola the Lamb for Millie.  🙂
  9. Zoocchini Bath Mitts – We use ours with Mabel and it’s been a big help with allowing her to wash herself (she’s been on a huge independence binge lately and wants to do everything without our help).  Since it’s a mitten, it easy for her to use even though it does fit an adult hand.  She also uses it as a puppet during bath time, lol!
  10. Color My Bath Color Changing Tablets – These are really neat!  With 3oo tablets in one bottle, they last forever!  Basically, you drop one (or as many as you’d like) into the water and they quickly fizz into the water and change the color.  They are great for teaching colors and showing little ones how you can combine two colors to make another color!
  11. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck – We used this with Mabel as a transition from the Blooming Bath to the big tub.  You blow it up, fill it with water, and your little one can sit in it easily without being overwhelmed by such a big tub full of water.  There is also a little dot indicator at the bottom that will change colors if the water is too hot.  It’s great for traveling too!
  12. Munchkin Shampoo Rinser – We’ve owned three of these.  They are great for rinsing soap or washing hair.  They are sturdy yet soft and flexible (so no accidentally bumping little heads on hard cups or scoops).
  13. Boon Frog Pod– Okay, so you know bath toys can take over the tub, our Frog Pod has been the answer.  The base attaches on the wall of our tub with 3M strips (can easily be removed) and the Frog body can be unhooked to scoop the toys from bath water (water goes out the holes so that the toys dry out from bath to bath), and then snaps back into its base on the wall.  It’s great toy storage!  Plus, it’s adorable!

What is a bath time must have for your little one?

*Some links are affiliate links.

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