Our Journey TTC!

So being that this is the very first blog entry…I guess I should give you some background info!  My husband and I were just married in April and are trying trying to conceive our very first child!  I’m a teacher and he’s in the Air Force…life can be pretty hectic.  We also have two pugs, Tater and Bruce (who are our experimental babies).
As a new wife and a future Mommy, I’ve bought every book out there already on how to cook meals in a crock-pot and what expectant mothers can expect, lol!  I’ve joined several ‘mommy’ forums looking for support and now I turned to blogging to let everyone else in on my journey.  And no, I haven’t told family yet…Hubby knows and I know and that’s quite enough!  I’m the type that likes to plan everything but after trying already for a month to conceive, I’m not sure that this is going to be something you can really plan.  Patience is a virtue…and one that I wasn’t born with.  😉
I have also quickly turned into a POAS addict.  Thank goodness for advice from ladies on the forums on where to find cheap ovulation and pregnancy tests (I’ll post about this later for all of you ladies who want to know more about these treasures!)…otherwise I’d be broke buying those two pack tests from Walgreens.
So here goes nothing…welcome to my blog and my life!

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