Confusing Ovulation Strips!

So my day couldn’t have been more confusing!  And I’m blonde so that doesn’t help, lol (just a joke!)  First thing in the morning (once again with my POAS addiction) I peed in the cup and quickly grabbed two ovulation predictor strips.  They were two different brands, one from Target and one from Wondfo off of  Well, the Wondfo strip had a solid test line and a very light second line (not ovulating).  Then I look at the Target strip and it has two dark lines, (ovulating!).
Could I be more confused?!?
I decided to pee in a cup once more (2 hours later).  Repeated the whole process and then both strips came up positive!  Yay me!  Since I’m still confused, it didn’t end there.  I made Hubby go with me to Walmart to buy the super expensive Clear Blue Ovuation sticks..the kind with smiley faces so you can’t screw up.  As I’m typing, I’m holding it and telling myself that I can’t go to the bathroom again for another 4 hours…and I plan on retesting right before I go to bed.
Now we will just play the waiting game….I’ll let you know how it goes…send positive thoughts my way!  😉
And here is my first TTC Vlog on Youtube:

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