Our Trip to New Jersey….After Being Up All Night at the ER

Yep, I said it….we were at the ER from 1am to 6am in the morning.  What a wonderful way to enter the 20th week of my pregnancy right?  Don’t worry, the baby and I are okay.  But, I’m going to do a short video tomorrow about what happened, why it happened, and backing up the ‘always go with your gut’ feeling.  🙂
But, on to our trip to New Jersey.  We had to go to pick up the dresser for our Baby Girl’s nursery that I blogged about a week and a half ago.  After making several wrong turns, and getting turned around in the little town the shop is located in…we found the store and got to see the dresser for the first time.  I LOVE IT!  It was even better in person!  The store was really neat too.  While walking around the little town, we found THE mirror.  And I say THE mirror because it flat out called my name.  Haha!  You all know I’m going for a peacock color scheme for the nursery and I’ve been looking for something gold to tie into the room.  And Bam!  Here it is:
If you look closely, you can see Bruce the pug in the reflection.  😉
It’s a ‘Hollywood Regency’ era mirror and don’t worry…I’m pretty sure all of these eclectic pieces that I’ve been finding will work cohesively in the nursery.  Just you wait!  😉

4 thoughts on “Our Trip to New Jersey….After Being Up All Night at the ER

  1. weechick says:

    The mirror looks so nice. Its great to see everything coming together. I'm imagining what your ceiling light is going to look like. Cant wait to see what you pick! 🙂

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Thank you! I was really was thrilled about the mirror…even though it seems horribly cheesy, lol! And thanks for the well wishes…hospitals are never fun. What is hyperemesis?

  3. weechick says:

    Its really bad sickness to the point that i gave myself severe dehydration and had to get hooked to a drip overnight. I Dont wish it on anyone its horrid! Ive lost 8pounds in weight but ive got anti sickness pills now. Apparently its popular in women expecting twins or more……. We'll see! X x

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