ER Trip Explained – 20 Weeks Pregnant

Go ahead…watch and learn, lol!
I look like a hot mess…and feel like one too!
I officially have a kidney infection which was created by Hydronephrosis.  Ugh!  What a way to ring in being 20 weeks and halfway to meeting baby.
There will be a normal Vlog posted on Tuesday or Wednesday so stay tuned!  Hopefully I’ll feel better by then.

One thought on “ER Trip Explained – 20 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Haley says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog (always good to 'meet' another AF wife)! Love your blog too.. pregnancy/mommy blogs are some of my favorites;) CONGRATS on your pregnancy.. and I hope you start to feel better soon! All of that sounds like no fun 🙁

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