Play All Day Elmo

Mabel had fun with Elmo and Playskool as a part of a sponsored post for Socialstars!  And as always, you wouldn’t see it on this blog if we didn’t genuinely love the products! #PLAYSKOOLCREW

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

So Play All Day Elmo has lived at our house for the past two months…but in his pretty box, tucked away in the closet.

See…Elmo in mint condition:

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

And Mabel knew of his whereabouts, stalked him daily, and constantly asked when she could play with him.  After going through her toys this past weekend and donating a handful that she no longer plays with, the time had come to release Elmo from his box…and she couldn’t contain herself!

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

As I pulled him out of the box, I had time to quickly inspect him and switch him from demo mode to preschool mode (there is a toddler mode for younger kiddos) before she got her hands on him and tore out of the house.

While she was off showing him the yard, I flipped through the manual and was pretty impressed with his features.  In preschool mode there are 8 games for her to play with Elmo.  I got her attention for a minute, told her that if she squeezed his little orange nose that he would play games with her.

So squeeze his nose she did…over, and over, and over again!

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

She quickly discovered that Red Light Green Light was her favorite…

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

Elmo told her when to run, when to stop and he knew when she cheated (because somebody kept running on red light)…haha!

A close favorite were the Animal Sounds game and Elmo Says.

Play All Day Elmo #PLAYSKOOLcrew

After all the fun and games, Mabel ended up taking Elmo to go relax on the couch and watch her favorite movie.  🙂  And finally when bedtime rolled around…guess who came with?  Elmo of course.  He is actually programmed to play a lullaby and is soft enough to cuddle up with.

Goodnight Mabel.  Goodnight Elmo (thanks for keeping her busy and tiring her out!). 

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