Playing Hooky With Thomas

Life has been pretty crazy lately…

Not crazy in a bad way, but just crazy in a busy, I never have a moment until 11pm for myself kind of crazy.

I’m thinking I haven’t gotten a solid night’s sleep in about a year now.  Bring on the full coverage concealer!


Mabel played hooky from school earlier this week because she wanted to play trains.

rolling with the flow

And you know what…I don’t feel guilty about it.  That’s pretty shocking coming out of a former teacher’s mouth, right?  Lol, well once she actually starts mandatory school I won’t let her skip, but at this age I’m perfectly happy to keep her home.

It’s days like this where she’s running around in only Thomas the Tank Engine undies, crazy hair, and with a big grin on her face that I want to remember.  Millie was in the middle of it all just gazing at her big sister.  With just a look of awe that gives me butterflies in hopes that they will have an unbreakable bond as they continue to grow with one another.

There are some days that can’t be over quickly enough…but this one, I wish could have been longer.

I try to remind myself to fully soak in all the simple seeming days…because I fear it will go by all to fast. 

Savor them while they are little.

And if it means missing a day of preschool here and there, then so be it.  🙂

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