Playing Hooky

September 18, 2014

So I’m feeling a tad guilty…we skipped dance class today.

I didn’t want to but this past week I’ve been sleeping horribly:  waking up multiple times to pee thanks to Baby #2, having crazy dreams, and just other interruptions like forgetting to turn my sound off on my cell phone.  And I just couldn’t bring myself to wake up at 6am (yeah I know, poor me…I know a lot of you wake up earlier for work so I really shouldn’t be complaining) but really…4-5 hours of sleep isn’t enough when you’re brewing up a baby.

Oh and those crazy dreams…they aren’t bad dreams but they are constantly about food!  What?  I’ve never dreamed about being hungry and wanting to eat before.  A few nights ago it was me wanting to cook a big batch of baked mac and cheese (which I promptly made the next morning) and then last night I was a on a mission to find Skittles in a store and they were out of stock.  Skittles?  What’s wrong with me?

skittles craving

My husband brought me a bag back during his lunch break. 😉

Anyway, back to skipping class and my guilt.  I just contributed to my child being delinquent for the first time, lol!

Oh well…things happen and we’ll be back next week after I start making my bed time at like 9pm!  At least we had a fun morning…Mabel dumped all my body wash out in the shower while I was trying to organize my closet and told me it was snowing outside when it was really thick fog, lol!

And her last shenanigan of the morning was telling me she ate all of her banana, only to fess up minutes later and show me where the last little bit was:

stashing food

Hidden in a drawer in her room…

Now as I type this, we are sitting on the couch watching ‘Snowing’ which is what Mabel calls Frozen.  Lazy mornings are sometimes the best.

Other happenings: 

  • Mabel now calls me ‘DadaMama’ all rolled into one word.  What?!  I’m beginning to think she favors her father so she had to add his name to mine.
  • A new ultrasound place just happened to open up in town this week and had a deal that I couldn’t say no to, so we’ll be finding out Baby #2’s gender this weekend!
  • We thought we’d be able to get away without putting baby gates up in our new place (at least not until Baby #2 was crawling) but Mabel has proven she can’t be trusted in the kitchen.  She likes to climb on bar stools and get into the dogs’ water.
  • I had to stalk a UPS package that said it was ‘delivered’ on my porch but wasn’t…come to find out it was on a neighbor’s porch all the way down the street (our house numbers are similar).  Good old UPS.  I had to have my husband go steal it back off their porch…I mean it was mine but it was still awkward.
  • Mabel’s newest obsession is squirrels….rats with tails.  Great.
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    September 18, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Rylie loves to watch the squirrels in our backyard! She calls them puppies. LOL. Playing hooky every now and then is ok, even more so when you have to wake up at 6 am. YUCK!

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