Pugs and Suds

Get ready for a random post…it’s late, I’m tired, but I had a few pics of Tater and Bruce that I wanted to share since they haven’t been on the blog in a really long time.

Pugs are hairy little beasts…and in the summer, they stink.  Like, really stink.

So that means = bath time!

Tater was the first guinea pig with the outside hose…

Then it was little Bruce’s turn.

Bath time for pugs!

Bath time for pugs!

Then it was time to dry off in the sun.

My Big Boy (AKA:  Tater) has pretty bad allergies during the summer (you can tell from how red the inside of his legs are) but he loves being outside.

Bath time for pugs!

He’s quite the little horse…

Bath time for pugs!

And of course here is a picture of my large feet…I had to show off my new polish that I’m in love with:  Essie’s I’m Addicted.

Essie I'm Addicted

That is all.  😉

One thought on “Pugs and Suds

  1. kristina says:

    Nice photos, even better the nail polish color…in love with it as well, only on kitchen aid. There is KA from Martha Steward, similar color…unfortunately not yet in German

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