Roots Be Gone…Well, Sort of

If you saw my Facebook status last Friday, you’ll know that I had a hair issue to deal with.

And I would have posted sooner but I’m still dealing with horrible internet that is slow/cuts out all the time.  That should be fixed when we move next week.

So here was my issue:

2 inch roots

Now I guess it wasn’t too bad but the two inch roots were driving me nuts.  I’m normally good about getting touch ups but with us living in limbo for the past month, I’ve been slacking!  So I caved and called one of the small town hair places in the town I grew up even though I knew it could possibly not be a great choice.

This is what I ended up with (I’m not exactly a selfie pro):

roots be gone

Not bad, right?

Well 3 days after I realized that the highlights are spotty as in they don’t cover up my roots on any place other than where my part is.  I guess she did that intentionally?  Never had this problem with my old salon and this place cost me more than my old place.  Not a happy girl but it’s better than what I walked in with.

But it is what it is at this point.  I’m not the type to go back and complain even though I should with the amount it cost.  I think I’m just overly ready to move and will just deal with finding a new place once we get to South Carolina.  I’m scared about that too…it seems like the perfect hair dresser is always super hard to find!

Or maybe I complain too much?

The only bonus to this little excursion was finding out that Moroccan Oil sells shampoos and conditioners.  Though they cost an arm and a leg too…I swear they’ve been the best I’ve ever used.  My hair is less frizzy and is softer too.  🙂

Moroccan Oil

 Do you speak up if service isn’t exactly what you expect?  Or do you just accept it and find a different place the next time around?

3 thoughts on “Roots Be Gone…Well, Sort of

  1. Big D says:

    Sorry to hear you paid more and received less. I typically don’t complain, and I have to admit I’m not very assertive. If, after experiencing dissatisfaction, I’ll find another hairdresser/salon after asking friends for personal recommendations.

  2. megan says:

    Im the same way….. I would just move on to a different lady the next time around. I agree it is always hard to find a good hairdresser when you move. I also looove the moraccan hair shamp/cond. but its so expensive I tend to only buy it when I know I want my hair looking nice or when I go on vacation. I love the way my hair feel after I use it.

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