Shark Attack!

Well….not a real shark attack.  🙂

Adventure Aquarium Mabel the shark

More like a happy baby in a shark mask.

We took our first trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey last Friday and it was an hour and a half away since nothing is close to where we live in Delaware.  🙁  The mistake we made was going at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and the trip home took two and a half hours.  Yikes!

Note to self:  don’t plan little trips on major holiday weekends!

But despite a long trip and rain, we had a pretty good time.

Mabel really liked the jellyfish and trying to touch them through the glass.

Adventure Aquarium

And Mabel also enjoyed watching the fish and the hippos safely in her Daddy’s arms.

Adventure Aquarium

We ended up spending about an hour and a half there…and we could have easily spent more time but the aquarium was packed with people.  And because of this, it made it a tad hard to navigate with a stroller so we weren’t able to go see the super crowded exhibits.

Insert mom rant:  It honestly is amazing how some people are completely oblivious to strollers…I saw a lady who wasn’t paying attention walk right into another mother’s stroller with a little baby in it.  She walked away without even saying ‘sorry’ to the parents.


Not to mention I had a guy completely shut a door in my face while I was about to go through it with Mabel in the stroller.  Lol, mom problems right?  I guess common courtesy is easily forgotten.  I would have worn Mabel in one of my ring slings but we had a lot of things to bring with us like a diaper bag and some snacks.  End of mom rant…accept my apologies!

Anyway, it was still a fun trip and it was great to be able to spend some quality family time together.  Mabel also got a little souvenir stuffed penguin and a t-shirt.  I’m a sucker for seeing how happy she gets with a new stuffed animal.  🙂

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