Smocks, Bubbles, Bishops and Jon Jons!

I’ve discovered the wonderful world of smocking!  And smocking just isn’t for little girls…there are some absolutely adorable options for little boys (maybe the next go around I’ll have a boy!).  I’ve learned that smocking is a southern thing…and growing up in Maryland, I guess I was just northern enough to not know anything about it.  Anyway, I have some southern friends that had pictures of their little girls in smocks (bishops and bubbles to be exact) and from that moment on I was in love.  I was also told that in the South when little girls wear bishops or bubbles, it is essential to pair it with a big hair bow…how cute!
Over the past week I bought Mabel a bubble and a bishop.  Take a look:
Super cute bubble I bought off of Facebook:
cute bubble
No, this isn’t Mabel…but this is the bishop I bought for her (It has Air Force logos and since we are a military family and Mabel will wear it to her Daddy’s promotion ceremony at the end of April):
Taken from
And if you have a little boy…they can wear jon jons or shortalls.  Google ‘little boy jon jon’ or ‘little boy shortall’ and will will pull up examples.  ;)So if you see the super cute orange bubble I bought for Mabel, you’ll see that it’s linked to a Facebook site.  How does that work?  Well, I’ve found several Facebook pages that have auction style sales.  What they do is 2-3 nights a week they post pictures of items they have for sale and they are sold on a first come first serve basis.  You have to act quickly and post below it with your email, size that you want, and so on and then they send the invoice to you through paypal…and then you get your item through the mail!  Just make sure to check the directions on each Facebook page since they can vary by company.  Overall…pretty easy!  And I think I’m addicted.

If you want to join in on the fun, these are the sites that I’ve found and use on Facebook (the top three are my favorites!):
Smocked Sweets Are there any sites that you follow that I haven’t listed?  Let me know!!

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5 thoughts on “Smocks, Bubbles, Bishops and Jon Jons!

  1. Modern Momma says:

    I don't know how it took me forever to get back to you on here! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  2. Miss AE Boutique says:

    I have missaeboutique and would love for you to stop by! I'm on Facebook and also have more clothes shown at Thanks!

  3. Chas says:

    Just web surfing and came across this. One of my friends has a little girl named Mabel!
    Anyway, check out Haute Smocks on Facebook. Send me an email, I’d love to send one for little Mabel to try out!

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