In Between Sizes…UGH!

I’m in the horrible land of ‘In Between’.  And by this, I mean I’m completely in between maternity clothes and regular clothes…and it’s horrible!
All these clothes and I can only wear a handful…
I know…it’s a tad messy..but that’s life right now.
And the truth is, other than the pants, I can honestly squeeze into most of the clothes, but everything looks totally unflattering due to the remaining baby pooch.  These last 10 pounds are stuck between my tummy and my hips…those darn hips!  So I have my two ‘go-to’ maternity pants that look relatively good (I just have to make sure the stretch elastic waist is hidden by the shirt) and a few baggy shirts that I can rotate through on a every couple of day basis.  Grr…this is frustrating.
So, some people may tell me to go shopping but I REFUSE to buy regular clothes that will fit me now only to be given the go ahead by my midwife this week that I can workout and then those clothes will no longer fit me in two weeks or so.  Haha!  I’d rather save the money and buy a kick butt mommy wardrobe (these aren’t your average mom clothes…click the link to see my pinterest account of cute momma clothes I want to get!) once these pounds come off.
Until I can workout and until I can get these remaining 10 pounds off…I will live in the land of ‘In Between’.*Thanks everyone to has been voting!  We’re #14!!!*

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5 thoughts on “In Between Sizes…UGH!

  1. Kristie says:

    I definitely would NOT buy different clothes either. You're only 5 weeks post partum – the pounds will come off! Believe me – if I can lose the baby weight so can you!! I'd give it another few weeks and I bet you'll be back in your regular clothes. 🙂

  2. FunnyPregnantLady says:

    That is awesome you only have ten lbs to go!!! Don't buy anything else, just give it a little more time.
    New follower(-:

  3. Elizabeth Tobin says:

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  4. margaret says:

    After my pregnancy I couldn’t think of wearing my old clothes. I got to know about Adira slimming tights through net, so I shipped one asap. Now I have lost some inches in comparison to the old me. It’s anti-cellulite and healthy to wear them on a daily basis.

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