The Solution

First off…a major thanks to the ladies who left me comments/suggestions on how to solve the problem in my post about Mabel’s new trick.

Now, this is going to look like borderline child abuse but I promise Mabel wasn’t as miserable as she looked in this pic last night:

how to stop toddler from taking diaper off at night

We decided to go the route of cutting the footies off her pjs and then putting them on backwards.  I thought it would be uncomfortable but upon inspecting her jammies, they actually aren’t cut like adult pjs are (not that I have adult footie pjs, lol).  They aren’t cut with a true front and back, so wearing them backwards is honestly no different than wearing them them the right way.  So I felt better..and I hoped this would work.

Seriously, what was I going to do if she somehow magically got out of her pajamas like that?  I would have just had to resolve myself to giving daily morning baths and washing a boat load of crib bedding.

The true test was going to get her this morning…

She was still wearing her pjs!
Which meant her diaper was still on + she was completely dry!
No morning bath.
No extra load of laundry.
Score one for momma!

If any of you have little ones, file this info away in your brains…cause if your little one decides to start taking their diapers off at night, this will be your saving grace.
Backwards pjs = the solution.

Once again…I love you ladies who give me this advice on FB and the post!  I’m forever in your debt!

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