Gettin’ My ‘Fix’ On

My pretty little Stitch Fix box arrived!

I can’t tell you ladies how excited I am to tell you about my newest little find!  If you remember, I’ve been working on giving my current wardrobe an overhaul.  Since I’ve had baby Mabel, I’ve been living in sweats and my ‘lazy’ clothes…and they just aren’t cutting it anymore!  And I’m tired of my bland jeans and plain tee shirts.  I’ve really been in need of some pieces that are more ‘me’ and the ‘me’ who I want to portray to the world…a put together, cute and sassy momma!   Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I don’t want to be stylish!

My Stitch Fix box arrived on Friday and I couldn’t tell you how often I had been stalking the tracking number online to see where in the country it was at that moment (it only took two days all the way from California!)…and then came the magical knock on the door from the mailman to let me know that it had arrived!

Note all the exclamation marks in the paragraph above…I really was that excited!

*You’re probably wondering:  What is Stitch Fix?
It’s basically the neatest thing I have run across lately!  A group of stylists put together 5 stylish pieces of clothing (sometimes jewelry and/or accessories items are included) and ship them directly to you!  It’s a great way to add to your current wardrobe and get a hold of pieces that you might otherwise not have access to.  I’m saying that because I live in such a small town that our mall has basically no fashion options for me.  And with a 9 month old baby, driving her an hour to the nearest big town mall and then making her suffer through hours of shopping just won’t do.

*Sounds good Morgan….But how do the stylists know my style?
When signing up you’ll fill out an extensive fashion survey.  This let’s them pinpoint exactly what you like, what you don’t like, what colors you love/hate, if you’re a jeans or dress kinda gal, and you can even type in more specifics!  It’s super easy to fill out and my only tip:  be completely honest with all your answers!  Your ‘fix’ will be more accurate.  🙂

So…let me show you what I got in my first ‘fix’:

This is what greeted me when I opened my box.

Piece #1 – DownEast Draped Flower Cowl Tee

Love the color and the flower embellishment was fun!  Very lightweight and comfy!

Piece #2 – Ellison Striped Tunic

Stripes!  I really like stripes but a lot of times I can’t pull them off.  This was a happy exception to my rule.  Comfortable and easy to pair with leggings…a bonus since I could wear it chasing Mabel around the house.

 Piece #3 – Rachel Eva Circle Necklace

The necklace was very dainty and feminine…exactly what I’ve been looking for in new accessories to add to my collection.  I don’t normally wear a lot of jewelry since necklaces seem to be a bulls-eye for Mabel to grab/yank…but I really felt that this necklace could go with a lot of outfits.

 Piece #4 – Mystree Fleur Button Cardigan

Um…I opened this and had a flashback to cardigans I used to wear in middle school.  Sorry to say that I didn’t even give this one a shot or even try it on!  I probably should have…but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

 Piece #5 – GLAM Bishop Sleeve Dress

Hanging on a hanger…this piece didn’t look like it had a lot to offer.  Once I tried it on, it was a pretty chic piece.  It wasn’t as clingy and showy as I thought it was going to be.  And the Hubby said he loved it.

*Style Tag

I also wanted to make sure that I shared this with you!  Each article of clothing comes with a style suggestion tag.  It shows pics of that article of clothing and ways that you could wear it.  I especially love this since I’m not exactly a fashionista and it gives me visual ideas of what I can pair with that item.

*What’s this all going to cost me?
The only thing involved with shipping your box is a $20 styling fee.  If you decide to keep any of the pieces in your box, that $20 will be applied to your purchase (when your items arrive, there is a price list).  Easy as that!  And there is another bonus…if you decide that you like all 5 pieces in your box, they give you 25% off the entire purchase price!  That’s a pretty good deal.  Also, you might be wondering about the price of the clothes.  Honestly, they vary.  You have the option in your survey to tell the stylists your price point for each type of item (tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories and so on).

*What do I do if there are pieces I don’t want?
This is another key factor of why I love Stitch Fix…if you want to return any of the pieces they sent you, there is a prepaid envelope included in your box.  Just put the items in the bag, seal it, drop it in your mailbox (no need to go to the post office…SCORE!), and you’re done.

*Overall thoughts:
I was really impressed with how well the stylists did picking clothes for me (I’ll let the cardigan slide, lol!).  I think Stitch Fix is great since I get to try on the clothes in the privacy of my own home…where I have the ability to pair it with my clothing/accessories that I already own, and I can get the opinion of my husband since he’s not always around to go shopping with me, ha!  I’m already scheduling my next ‘fix’ and and super excited to get box #2!  I’ll update you all when the next one arrives!

Interested in signing up?
Click here (would love if you’d use that link since it’s my referral code!) to sign up to be one the wait-list right away!  Yeah, I know it’s a bummer that there’s a wait-list but trust me…it’s worth it!  Stitch Fix is all about amazing customer service and I’m sure you’ll will appreciate the individualized attention.  Let me know if you sign up!  Also, if you post about your box when you get it…leave a comment below with the link!  It’s pretty fun to see other ladies’ boxes and your style!  Plus it’s a great way for me to find other new blogs!  😉

Be sure to check out Stitch Fix on Facebook too!

Soooo…I really liked all the pieces (with the exception of the cardigan) but I LOVED one.  What item do you think I kept?   I ended up keeping the Ellison Striped Tunic!

Now…if only I can be patient for my next Stitch Fix box to show up!

UPDATED = Be sure to checkout all of my newer Stitch Fix posts here


23 thoughts on “Gettin’ My ‘Fix’ On

    • Morgan says:

      Aw, thanks for using my referral! Be sure to check their FB since they post news about the wait list occasionally. Let me get back to you on the rundown of the exact costs! Gotta wait until Mabel goes to bed.

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh I’m totally checking it out! What a genius idea. I’m beginning to think I need someone to kick my butt into gear and just style me. After having two babies I am stuck in a rut. Love your outfits!!

    • Morgan says:

      I know! Not sure of how no one thought of this before! It’s really nice to just have someone do the styling for you and all you have to do is wait for your mail. 🙂 At least get yourself on the waiting list since it may take awhile for an invitation and then you can decide.

  2. Tiffany M. says:

    I requested an invite. I think this is an exciting way to try out new styles and give my wardrobe a boost! And great for busy moms!

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  4. Amanda says:

    I just came across your blog while searching for a review on the Naked Basics palette – so glad I did because I’ve never heard of stitch fix. How much did each of these items cost? And I love the GLAM Bishop Sleeve Dress – you look gorgeous in it!

    • Morgan says:

      I can’t remember the prices exactly…I know everything ranged from $28 to $98. I’ll try to remember to include the prices on my next Stitch Fix post. 🙂 And thanks for the compliment! Did you sign up for a ‘fix’ yet?

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  7. Allison A c says:

    How long did you have to wait on the wait list? It feels like forever to me, and its only been a week. But I read about people who have been waiting over 3 months. I’m a mom of a three year old desperately in need of a fix. Ha. Love the striped one you choose. Super cute.

  8. Jen @ Ginger Guide says:

    I’m scheduled to get my first fix next week and cannot wait! Shopping with a pissed off two year old is not relaxing and I’m excited to get to try everything on at home. The dress, tunic, and shirt are all so cute, I hope I get that lucky 🙂


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