Summer Style Secrets According to Mabel

I’m sharing our new summer wardrobe from Target Baby as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TargetCrowd

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd

Summer Style Secrets According to Mabel…cause we all know that toddler has a mind of her own!

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means?  It’s time to pick up some fancy summer duds at Target for the kiddos because we all know they don’t fit what they wore last summer (or maybe your little one is brand new this summer!).  Mabel has been through three summers and she’s decided that it’s the perfect time to share her style secrets (because she already knows everything about fashion) with Millie.  😉

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
“Shhh…I’ve got some secrets to tell you Millie!”

Mabel’s Style Tip #1: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
In the summer you can never have enough hats or sunglasses!

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
Hat // Sunglasses

Momma’s take = hats and sunglasses provide great protection for your little one in the summer along with adding a little personality to your little one’s clothes!

Mabel’s Style Tip #2:  Babies wear diapers…so make them look fabulous!
If you’re still peeing your pants, better make it look cute!

Honest Company Target Exclusvie Diapers Confetti Hearts #TargetCrowd

Momma’s take:  Honest Company, hands down, has some super fun prints for both girls and boys.  We picked up some of the adorable new Confetti Hearts print for Millie that are exclusive to Target.

Mabel’s Style Tip #3:  The color blue is always in style!

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
Sunglasses // Dress // Sandals

Momma’s take:  Hey, whatever color my kid wants to wear, I’m all for it!  It’s better than her running around sans clothing!

Mabel’s Style Tip #4:  Comfortable tops and bottoms are where it’s at!
Who doesn’t love fun prints and colors?

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
Shirt // Shorts

Momma’s take:  Target has a ton of tops and bottoms to choose from and prices that won’t make you cry when your kiddo grows out of them.  Plus, they are easy to mix and match for endless outfit combinations.  There are also tons of outfit sets already paired for a no-brainer choice!

Mabel’s Style Tip #5:  Just have fun!

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
Shirt // Shorts

Momma’s take:  Don’t over think style for your little ones.  Their summer wardrobe should be as fun as their personality and affordable too!

So there ya have it…Mabel’s summer style advice to her sister!

And I think Millie might just be off to a good start (and she looks pretty excited too, lol!):

Summer Style with Target Baby #TargetCrowd
Top and bottom set

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  1. Shasta says:

    Was going to pick up some of those heart diapers too while we were at Target, but we JUST got our honest company monthly shipment in so I decided against it. They are super adorable though!

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