That Moment When…

The Moment When...Millie 6 Weeks

I’ve been having a lot of moments lately…good, bad, and just plain what?! moments.

Mix a newborn, with a dash of toddler, a sprinkle of craziness you get a dose of reality of what life is like with two children (goodbye to the easy life of one which I took for granted!).

So here have been moments of my life for the past six weeks:

*That moment when both your newborn and toddler are screaming.  I need another set of hands!

*That moment when right after you say that everything has been going perfectly, it blows up in your face.  I’ve learned that I jinx myself anytime something like that comes outta my mouth!

*That moment when your newborn has a poop-splosion and it’s coming out from everywhere…and you don’t even know where to begin your cleanup efforts.  This child owes me when I’m old and need assistance.

*That moment when you’ve done everything to get your baby to sleep and then you accidentally make a loud noise right after putting them down.  Or the dogs bark.  Or someone rings your doorbell.  Or your toddler pokes the baby in the face to say how cute the baby is sleeping.  Yep, she’s not sleeping anymore. Thanks.

*That moment when you feel great and finally smell good because you were able to get a few minutes to shower and put clean clothes on…only to pick the baby up and she pukes a record amount of liquid onto you.  The best is when your little one has amazing aim and manages to get it down your bra too.

*That moment when your toddler is so desperate for attention and runs to the door to greet the pizza delivery guy and calls him ‘daddy’.  I’m not sure a 17 year old boy could have looked more freaked out…

*That moment when you feel completely and utterly touched out by everyone and everything.  I guess personal space isn’t a thing when it comes to motherhood.

*That moment when your toddler hugs you, backs away and asks while pointing at you “Are those boobs? One….two…BOOBS!”  I guess I have had them hanging out quite frequently when it comes to feeding Millie.

*That moment when all four of us are sitting together as a family of four on the couch and for a rare moment no one is crying….priceless.

 Care to share any ‘moments’ you experienced?  😉

One thought on “That Moment When…

  1. Julie says:

    I’m an au pair to a 2 year old and a 2 month old and I had to laugh so hard with this post! Totally recognized all the situations you described!! 😉

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