The Baby Burrito

baby burrito

That’s my toddler – the one who refuses to wear clothes when we are at home…loving on a baby burrito.

I’ve learned to pick my battles and figure that the toddler will eventually decide she wants to wear clothes…or maybe she’ll be the child that decides to strip off her clothes when she goes to preschool with no shame.  That would be my luck and I can’t wait for that phone call from the teacher.

Anyway, back to my baby burrito.  We’ve learned over the past three days that swaddling is something that Millie loves.  It’s been a life saver when it comes to her crying.  We’re new to the whole swaddling deal since Mabel hated it with a passion.  I’ve already ordered a stash of these in cream (since they were cheaper than the patterned ones and who cares what color they are, right?).  My loving name for those contraptions are ‘baby straightjackets’…and I absolutely adore them!

Kind of along the lines for swaddling is babywearing…another thing that Millie feels passionate about.

oscha kasumi bella

I guess it’s kind of like a baby straightjacket too.  And the magical thing about ring slings is that Millie falls asleep almost instantly after being put into one.  I probably own too many but the Hubs isn’t complaining since I’m getting a lot of use out of them!

Millie is a clinger which has been a complete opposite of Mabel.  Mabel had been super independent from the get go.  She didn’t like to be held for too long and seemed to enjoy having her own space.  Millie on the other hand can’t get enough of being held.  Only problem is:  she pretty much freaks out anytime she’s put down. 

I hoped for a cuddly baby this time and I’m pretty sure this is as cuddly as it can get.  🙂

sleeping millie

Seriously, she can’t get enough.  And honestly, I can’t either.

One thought on “The Baby Burrito

  1. Maggie M. says:

    Oh my gosh. I want to get my hands on that cuddly baby!!! Aunt Maggie loves you Mille and little Mabel! I’m glad y’all figured out that swaddling helps!

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