The 6 Month Doctor’s Appointment

Such little hands!

Yesterday Mabel had her 6 month checkup!  Mabel is seen by a pediatrician on base (if you haven’t read before, we are a military family) and I love the office…can’t say enough good things about them.  She’s now been seen by two doctors, but only because the lady that we started with is separating (which means she’s getting out of the Air Force) and I’m sad because I had really grown attached to her and she seemed to genuinely care about Mabel and us.  So we ended up seeing a new doctor yesterday and really liked her too.  I guess I should feel blessed that we’ve been so lucky since I’m pretty picky about doctors.

Anyway lets get to the numbers:

Mabel weighs 14 pounds and 12 ounces which puts her in the 22nd percentile for her age.  Tiny little gal!  I asked the doctor if that was too small and she said ‘basically if we lined up 100 babies, Mabel would be #22 and that’s a perfectly good number!’.  Lol, little Mabel is #22…someone has to be #22 right?  : )  My husband’s family is on the petite side so I think she’s going to take after them.

Mabel is 25 1/2 inches long which puts her at the 25th percentile for her age.  She’s perfectly proportioned.

Other things that were discussed:

*We were given a food handout on what was appropriate and when…and how much to be feeding her by monthly time frames.  It’s a pretty nice handout that spells everything out to a T.

*Teeth!  Mabel’s two bottom teeth popped out a few weeks ago and the doctor gave us a prescription for fluoride drops.  Why and what are those?  Basically, most towns and cities add fluoride to the water you drink…but since we have ‘well water’ at our house and aren’t on ‘city water’, our water doesn’t have fluoride in it.  That means her teeth are missing out on the benefit of the extra strengthening that fluoride provides.  The drops are supplements….easy peasy.  Now, these drops aren’t always needed…but due to my history of having weak enamel on my teeth (no matter how well I brush and floss, my teeth are prone to cavities…I’ve been told by several dentists), I figured why not give Mabel’s teeth some extra help?

*Reading – On base, we get a free board book at each appointment.  Another benefit to going to the pediatrician on base.  And yep, I was talked to about the importance of reading to Mabel.  But I told the doctor that I was a 1st grade teacher for three years and I’ve already been reading to Mabel already since she was born.  Score some ‘mom’ points for this momma!  She said that you’d be surprised at how many parents don’t read to their kids (and once again I already knew this from teaching) and I really think that’s sad.  I grew up in a family of readers…my nightly bedtime routine was that I got a book or a chapter from a book read to me every night.  I plan on continuing this with Mabel.

And what about those pesky 6 month shots?  Mabel made out like a bandit and didn’t have to get them!  Don’t worry, she’ll be getting them, but she just has to wait another two weeks since our appointment wasn’t exactly two months apart and you have to wait a certain amount of days before they’ll give her the next round of shots.  I don’t like that I’ll have to go to base an extra time with her but the good part about the base’s clinic is that you don’t have to wait or make an appointment to get shots, you just show up and bam!  She gets her shots and she’s done!

The next appointment isn’t until 9 months!

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3 thoughts on “The 6 Month Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Breenah says:

    This has reminded me that I need to read to Quinn more. It’s getting difficult because she’s definitely in a grabby hands stage. She was always on the tiny side too, almost always 19th percentile for weight, but around 80th for height. Most people guess she’s younger than she is, but as long as Quinn and Mabel stay as cute as they are it doesn’t matter how big or little they get 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I try reading to Mia and she wants nothing to do with it. 🙁 She just tries to reach the book to eat it. If she doesn’t get it she starts flipping out so I just put the book away. Any suggestions?

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