Weekend Roundup (8/26)

I had a lot of things on my to-do list this weekend, but I’ll admit I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to.  I had planned on doing a vlog since it has been FOREVER, but once again didn’t find time.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try to do one later tonight!  Also, it was a three day weekend…well, not an official one but my husband took Friday off so it was pretty nice to have three solid days of just the three of us.

Here’s the rundown for this weekend’s happenings:

*We’ve entered sippy cup territory.  At Mabel’s doctor’s appointment last week, the doctor mentioned that we could start using a sippy cup.  We had tried one a few weeks back but Mabel wasn’t a fan.  I figured it could just have been the cup, so we bought a new one that is a ‘trainer’ cup by Nuk.  Now, I’m not sure why it says ‘girl’ all over it…lol, Hubby picked it out.  I know Mabel is a girl so I don’t need her sippy cup to scream it out loud, haha!

*We got our Skype on.  I love that these days you can have video calls online for free to family and is really convenient since we live so far away from everyone.  We got to see Hubby’s parents, grandmother, brother and sister in law, and Mabel’s cousins.  It was great to see everyone!

*I got my order of Lilly Pulitzer clothing from last week’s sale!  I bought a bunch of stuff!  But let me say right off the bat, I can’t normally afford her clothes.  They are really expensive but with the sale I was able to get tops that were originally around $70 for only $19.  I got Mabel a few things for next summer too!  If you like her clothing and you think the prices are too much (just like me!) she has huge sales twice a year in August and then again in January.

*I’m officially 10 pounds lighter after starting Nurtisystem 6-7 weeks ago!  So not only did I finally reach my pre-pregnancy weight, I’m 6 pounds lighter than before I was even pregnant!  Woo hoo!

My apologies for a pic in the bathroom but I’m thrilled about the weight loss!

*I decided to join Scentsy as an Independent Consultant!  I’ve been debating this for several months now…my biggest fear is that I didn’t want to become that ‘pushy’ gal that won’t leave people alone about it.  BUT I love Scentsy and now that I have a baby, I love it even more since it’s way safer than open flame candles.  I just bought Mabel her first warmer (pictured below!).  I have to get her addicted early!  Lol!  Here is my Scentsy Page and Facebook page that I just started today if you’d like to get updates.  There is a big sale/launch party going on through the end of this month.

Cupcake Warmer – Premium Mid-Size Warmer

*Planned out some posts for this week.  I’m going to post about my most recent ‘Love Club’ box that you all might have seen on Instagram, introduce you all to Too Cute Invites, and TRY to get up a vlog!

Stay tuned!

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One thought on “Weekend Roundup (8/26)

  1. Lorraine says:

    Great post!! Congrats on the weight loss. I’m going to be starting my get fit after baby a week from today…Just got to buy some workout things fist!!! Eeeekkk it’s exciting stuff. You look awesome by the way.

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