The Big Three Seven

The big three seven…37 weeks and 3 days.

37 weeks pregnant

And you know what that means?  It’s safe to deliver/go into labor from here on out!

First off…if you haven’t checked/entered here…you need to!

As for this week – I don’t have a midwife appointment (I should but long story short…my appointments got a little oddly scheduled due to the holidays).  My next appointment will be towards the end of next week and that’s right around the time I had Mabel (38 weeks and some change)…so we will find out if this little lady wants to wait the full 40 weeks or not!  Honestly, I’m not in as huge of a rush as I thought…there is still so much to get done but I don’t know if anyone ever feels truly 100% prepared.

I’m savoring every moment of my last few days as a family of three and spending most of my time on the couch due to being pretty uncomfortable.  I feel useless and guilty when Mabel asks me to play and there’s just no way to physically make my body sit on the floor.  I hope she understands… 🙁  I owe her lots of play time after this baby arrives!

On a side note, one good thing I accomplished this week = the birth center/hospital bag is packed.  No waiting until my water breaks like last time…I guess I learned that lesson.  And the icing on the cake…I had a hair appointment!  I figured that was something to check off my list since who knows when I’ll make it back into the salon with a newborn.

This was an incredibly uninteresting post…I’m realizing this after typing it and I apologize.  I guess I’m feeling pretty slothy (that’s not a word is it?).  I owe you guys a better post next time…I promise.

One thought on “The Big Three Seven

  1. Christina Stirneman says:

    Thinking of y’all during these last few weeks! I hope you are able to stay as comfortable as possible and that everything goes smoothly.

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