A Goodbye to a Family of Three

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Sitting on my couch in the quiet early morning typing this.
The husband has already dashed off to work.
Mabel is still sleeping.
Toddler toys are strewn across my living room floor.
Baby #2 is lightly moving in my belly; there isn’t much room left for her.
And my mind is constantly thinking...

Life is about to change and I’ll admit I’m sad and happy at the same time.

Sad?  How could I be sad? 

Well, it’s not a normal type of sad, it’s just that a ‘goodbye’ is headed my way and it truly is a ‘goodbye’, not just a see you later.  My little family of three that I’ve gotten so used to over the past three years (well, it’ll be three years on Valentine’s Day) is about to never be the same…we’ll be a family of four.

A part of me wonders how Mabel will react to it all, she won’t be the center of attention and she’ll have to share the spotlight.  Is she ready for it?  How will she handle the new baby?  And I hope she doesn’t feel left out…I’d never want that.

Then I question myself and wonder how hard it is to be a mother of more than just one child.  Will it be easy or take a lot of work?  I hope each child knows they are loved equally.

And then I have to stop and realize that so many other families out there have already gone through this, a lot of times, more than once…having three, four, five plus children.  I can’t be the only one who feels ridiculously sentimental about all of this.

One thing I know = this little gal is going to make a great big sister…

Studio 9 Photography

So we might be losing a family of three…but we’re gaining a lovely little family of four.

Did you go through similar feelings when expanding your family?

5 thoughts on “A Goodbye to a Family of Three

  1. Ashley says:

    I went through this when we became a family of 5. Adding number three to the bunch took a lot of though and in someways I was sad, mainly because we weren’t out numbered at that point. But I wouldn’t change it for the world and don’t even remember what it was like before now. 🙂

    • Morgan says:

      I often wonder how it is when you’re outnumbered! 😉 I’m pretty sure we’re done after this little girl but it makes me feel so much better when I keep hearing other moms like you telling me that it’s something they’d never change and you don’t even remember what it was like before. 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. Lindsay page says:

    Going through the exact same thing . I’m due Feb 9th with baby girl #2 but she is breech so coming Feb 5. Our daughter will be 2.5 yrs old on valentine day. I have every thought you are taking about in your piece today so I’m guessing we are normal lol. We have tried our best to explain and prepare her for baby sister and the rest will happen when baby comes home.

    • Morgan says:

      Congrats! Today is the 5th so I’m assuming she’s in your arms already! 🙂 I hope everything went smoothly and please let me know when you get a chance how the transition to a family of four has been going. Sooo happy for you and your family!

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