Staying Comfortable During Pregnancy {Bravado Giveaway}

I’m officially 37 weeks and to kick off the end of this pregnancy, I’m teaming up with Bravado to discuss how I’ve stayed comfortable during these long nine months and giving one reader the chance to win three (yes, three!) Bravado nursing bras!

This weekend, I finally decided I needed to get my birth center/hospital bag ready…I figured it was best not to wait until the last minute this time around like I did with Mabel (I ended up packing like a crazy woman after my water had broken, lol!).

Bravado Nursing Bras - Bliss, Confetti, and Seamless Silk {giveaway}
The Bliss, The Confetti, and The Body Silk Seamless

And all three of those beauties are coming with me.  😉  The last two in the photo, The Confetti and The Body Silk Seamless (my absolute favorite) have been my saving grace the past few weeks.  They both stretch extremely well and have been able to accommodate my ever changing shape this pregnancy has caused.  The Bliss, which has just recently started fitting me after the baby dropped has been a sleek edition to my bra rotation.

One bit of advice that I wish I would have known when pregnant with Mabel = get yourself a maternity/nursing bra as soon as your pre-pregnancy bra starts to get uncomfortable!  I had this idea that nursing bras were only for after your baby arrived…boy was I wrong.  I made myself stick out the annoying fit of a regular bra when in reality Bravado nursing bras are meant to be double duty and serve women throughout pregnancy and after delivery/while nursing.  So this pregnancy, I wasn’t messing around…and decided comfort wasn’t something to delay (I mean you already have a tiny human growing in you…help yourself out!).

Oh and you know what…you don’t have to give up frilly details and feminine touches…

Bravado Nursing Bras - Bliss, Confetti, and Seamless Silk {giveaway}
Center lace detail on The Bliss.
Bravado Nursing Bras - Bliss, Confetti, and Seamless Silk {giveaway}
Fun polka dot detail with blue bow and soft lace trim on The Confetti.

And the quality of the construction really have impressed me.  Note the nursing clip…closed and opened.  They are easy to open one handed when needed for nursing and the materials are super soft yet strong!

Bravado Nursing Bras - Bliss, Confetti, and Seamless Silk {giveaway}

Now that you know my first way of staying comfortable during pregnancy…I have a few others to share too:

  • Don’t over estimate the power of a glorious pair of maternity yoga pants and over-sized sweatpants!  Now I’m not telling you to go everywhere looking like you’re about to workout but if you’re at home, don’t hesitate to get relaxed!
  • Hot baths and showers (just not too hot!) are a must!  They are the only way I’ve been able to get through an achy back or sore muscles this pregnancy.  Warmer water is awesome to soothe discomfort (hence why I’m hoping to have a water birth this time around).
  • Get yourself a pregnancy pillow to sleep with (this is my favorite one) and this isn’t something else to wait until the last minute to get yourself.  It helped make sleeping a lot easier for me, helped with the pain I had been having in my hips/pelvic area, and just made me a lot more comfortable in general.
  • Stock up on Tums…need I say more?  Your throat will thank you for it.

Comfort during pregnancy is not overrated!  So make sure you make it your priority…you’ll be a much happier pregnant momma! 😉

Soooo like I said earlier, Bravado has been kind enough to give one of my readers my three favorite bras from their collection (in your size and color choice!).  The giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, 18+.

Bravado Giveaway

Bravado Nursing Bras - Bliss, Confetti, and Seamless Silk {giveaway}
The little details make me happy. 😉
Bravado provided me these three bras to review with no additional compensation.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

67 thoughts on “Staying Comfortable During Pregnancy {Bravado Giveaway}

  1. Haley Rojas says:

    Thank you for pointing out that nursing bras can be for pregnant women too! The first time around I went out and bought new bras but they were still uncomfortable! This time around I’m ready for larger bras and I’m taking the more comfortable route and purchasing my nursing bras early. I’ll have to buy them eventually, may as well save money and get them now!

  2. Natasha says:

    I agree with the yoga pants! The best thing is that u work in a daycare so we are required to wear yoga pants as part of our uniform so I get to wear them all the time! I also plan on starting a few yoga poses to help stretch my muscles 🙂

  3. Lindsay page says:

    Love this post. I have a scheduled c section on Thursday due to a baby #2 being breech. I se same I didn’t wear nursing bras to after baby and wish I had started sooner. Same with in the hospital. At least I’ll know better this time around.

  4. Jen B says:

    A good nursing bra can impact how you breast feed! With my first I had one that didn’t fit quite right and I ended up hating breast feeding. I just had my second baby 2 weeks ago and having a good bra has made all the difference in the world!

  5. Alexis says:

    With my last pregnancy, I was buying bigger bras every month or 2. I never even thought to start out with stretchy maternity bras. I won’t make that mistake this time around!

  6. Emily K says:

    Im 16 weeks pregnant with #2 and just noticed that my bras are feeling a bit snug- never thought to bust out my nursing bras!!!! Would love these bravado Ones!

  7. Jessie says:

    I just pulled out all my old nursing bras getting ready for baby number two and realized that I needed to find new ones because I seem to only wear one or two that ended up being comfortable, one being a Bravado! Comfortable clothes including under gameness are key to being comfortable!

  8. Christine S says:

    I am also 37 weeks today! Woo! And this pregnancy I was determined to keep moving. Continuing an exercise regimen, no matter how modified, has kept so many of my past pregnancy complaints at bay and I have never felt so good being pregnant. Although I will admit my comfort is fading every day now!

  9. Stefanie M. says:

    What a great giveaway! I never heard of bravado until recently. We are planning on baby #3 soon and I would love to win this giveaway!

  10. Kimberly says:

    I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2. With my first I never felt like I found a good supportive and comfortable nursing bra. This time I hope I can find at least one that fits the bill. I would love to try these bras!

  11. Casey H. says:

    I plan to keep up with my yoga, pamper myself at least once a month with a mani/pedi, and get a prenatal massage once a trimester. Relaxed momma= happy momma= happy hubby and baby:)

  12. Laura f says:

    I’ve been wearing my bravado nursing bras from my first pregnancy. These things last forever! So comfortable too. The ones I have are made from bamboo and breathe really well. I can’t wear my regular bras, they are so uncomfortable.

  13. MJ Moore says:

    I just had my third child last month. No matter what I did, pregnancy was kind of uncomfortable. But chiropractic adjustments really helped!

  14. melanie modica says:

    A pregnancy body pillow was an essential to keeping me comfortable during pregnancy. After pregnancy the focus really turns to a comfortable bra that is nursing friendly!

  15. Brittany Waller says:

    I’m right at 35 weeks and for me the best thing for comfort has been a supportive cami from Blanqi to help support the bump and relieve some back pain. And it doesn’t hurt that it helps to smooth out some lumps and bumps for a better look either.

  16. Alicia G says:

    These are beautiful! Due March 7 and would love these bras! Thank goodness for prenatal massages, exercise balls to sit on at work and stretchy leggings…now I just need these bras for even more comfort!

  17. Ashley Alcorn says:

    I’m trying to nap while my toddler naps this pregnancy. Chasing her around is exhausting on top of being pregnant.

  18. jess says:

    I plan to just slow down (hopefully and try to enjoy it. My twins was a short 7months.And to be more prepared instead of waiting till the end thinking Ive got plenty of time.:)

  19. Eileen says:

    I love body pillows,and will use that soon,and I loved my bravado bra for nursing,but will probably start wearing them before baby comes this time.

  20. valerie sobus says:

    i just had our first baby a week ago and my favorite way to stay comfortable during my pregnancy was with lots of pillows and lots of elastic in my clothes 😉

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  22. Traci Creasman says:

    As I am in the first trimester, it is very difficult to get comfortable while dealing with so much morning sickness but, one thing that has helped is yoga pants, They are the only thing I can wear right now that doesn’t not put pressure on my belly. I have been living in yoga pants!

  23. crystal gibson says:

    I bought a giant body pillow for the bed. It was so much more comfortable but my husband complained that it took up too much room.

  24. Laura says:

    My first two children were summer babies, so sundresses were the best for me paired with flip flops. I had pregnancy induced hypertension with my first and my shoe size went up two sizes with the swelling. I found that when you’re shoe size goes up, it’s worth buying a comfortable pair in that size. Some women’s shoe size might go back down, but mine are now a size bigger than they used to be, even after losing the weight.

  25. Delaney says:

    The giveaway app isn’t working, but these bras look beautiful and comfortable. I want to upgrade my bras this time around and try out a body pillow of sorts. My husband probably wishes I’d upgrade my nursing bras as well!

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