Creating a Birth Plan

birth plan

What’s a birth plan?

Well, it can be a lot of things…but to me it’s basically what my expectations and preferences are for my labor and delivery.

Since I’m delivering at a birth center (an independent midwife run center that is separate from a hospital), I’m actually required to create a birth plan.  And it’s as simple as filling out my preferences and what I think would help to make my labor/delivery a better experience.  The whole point of doing this is to help the midwives know how they can better support me during labor which I think is pretty awesome.  They figure when a mother is more comfortable with her surroundings, that her labor will be able to progress and go smoother.  Who can argue that?

Well, I’ve actually seen a lot of articles lately bashing the creation of birth plans.  Not sure why…I mean I guess some women can go overboard with their expectations…but honestly to me, it means a lot that my provider cares enough to hear me out.  The key to a successful birth plan is being educated on your options and rights…but being realistic and flexible at the same time.  Things don’t need to be overly planned as situations might arise to make those plans change.  And that’s okay too!

So if you’re curious to my birth plan, here are my main goals:

  • I don’t want any pain medications.
  • I want as few people in the room as possible.
  • I want to be able to labor/deliver in the water.
  • I want delayed cord clamping.
  • I want skin to skin contact immediately after birth.

Simple and short…and nothing too out there or demanding.  🙂  I’m also very understanding that if anything pops up that is an emergency to my health or the baby’s health, I’ll listen to my midwife immediately and do as they say (that could range from not being able to deliver in the water to having to transfer to the hospital).  And I’m perfectly fine with things having to change for that reason.

I had a birth plan with Mabel and it was pretty similar to the one I just mentioned for Baby #2 and I did have to adapt to things not going exactly as planned.  The birth center I used that time only had one water birth room and it was occupied when I went into labor…so the water birth option went out the window.  BUT I went with the flow and still had an amazing birth experience.

Now if you’re working on creating one for yourself, it can look completely different than mine!  You might want an epidural asap!  Or you might be totally fine with the entire family in the delivery room with you…and that’s your choice (just check with your health care provider/hospital to see what policies they might already have in place).  It’s up to you!

If you want a birth plan, create one…if you don’t, then don’t have one.  Go with whatever makes you happy!

Are you planning on creating a birth plan (or have you had one in the past)?  Why or why not?

3 thoughts on “Creating a Birth Plan

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  2. Emily Thomas says:

    I love following your blog! You always have fun things to read. My baby just turned one, but I went into my labor and delivery with the plan to “go with the flow, but have a relaxing “yoga birth” with very little intervention from nurses or doctors. It turned out beautifully and I made it through reaching my goal of not using medication. We are planning on getting pregnant again soon, and I hope to have a similar birth experience. Low lighting, quiet meditation with my husband, and little intervention was the best way I could imagine bringing my baby into this world! Good Luck, Morgan!

  3. Kristie says:

    I just have to ask – what is the reason for delayed cord clamping? I never heard of it or knew much about that and I’m curious. 🙂 Sounds like you have your birth plan all figured out! Hopefully it goes as expected but at least you’re okay with having to be flexible if that’s the case! Best of luck to you….could be any day now. 🙂

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