The Current State of Our Home

It’s been a little over a week since our water heater blew and flooded several of our downstairs rooms…

So it’s time for an update!  The demo guys were here for a total of 4 whole days ripping out flooring, baseboards, carpet padding, bottom panels of our cabinets, and drywall in the garage.  And now I’m currently left with a mess.

exposed subfloor
Exposed sub-floor and torn out baseboards.
Industrial fan that was used to get rid of leftover water.
Missing baseboards, exposed sub-floor, and ugly old vinyl.
My cabinets had to be pulled out (you can see them in the room next to the kitchen).
Our new water heater (I’m still bitter about the old one!) and that was a dehumidifier by it to help suck up remaining water in the floor and walls.

I’ll tell you straight up that it could have been a lot worse…if we had been asleep or if I had been grocery shopping when the old heater blew the whole downstairs of my house could have been severely flooded.  So I’m thankful that the damage is not extreme.

Our home insurance has already covered all the demo work…but now comes the tricky part:  getting a general contractor in to get workers in my home to get everything back to normal.  It’s been a total of 6 days since the demo guys left and we’ve been sitting in a home that just feels unfinished.

The glass half full part of me is just thankful that the ugly vinyl kitchen floors will be replaced….happy dance time.

See…there is always something positive you can find out of a negative situation!

What’s broken or gone wrong in your home?

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6 thoughts on “The Current State of Our Home

  1. Bianca says:

    I feel ya, though the current state of our house is due to our own doing..l we’re renovating. Miss Penny has been a champ and we’ve done a good job baby proofing. The hardest part was when my hubs had o refinish the hardwood and the house was off limits to the preggy and baby. So we just spent the weekend at my mom’s.

    • Morgan says:

      Lol, I keep trying to think of the end goal. I probably would have been a bit more prepared if we had chosen to renovate. 🙂 How much longer do you guys have until everything is done? Mabel doesn’t do well with all the strangers and banging/hammering. 🙁

  2. Mandi Eckhardt says:

    Our hot water heater actually just went out a month go BUT we didn’t know until we got our electric bill this month that was $206!! Which is almost $100 more then our normal bill for this time of year.. Turn out it went out and was leaking under our water was just running non stop. So we have a $200 electric bill, no home insurance so another $216 for a new hot water heater…plus on top of that our ac went out two monthes ago…my sons 3rd birthday is less then a month away and my husbands was the tenth…we were almost getting ahead for the holidays and birthdays.. So we will have to also put $216 into our sons savings account..seems like one thing after another. Your very blessed..

    • Morgan says:

      Ours had apparently been slowly leaking too. 🙁 But it didn’t affect our bill. At least you were able to install it yourself and save some money because the electric guys I had out here charged us an arm and a leg!!! And though the insurance covers it, we have the deductible that is still a big chunk but it beats paying $6k+ for all the repairs. I feel your pain (we also had out AC go out 2 years ago and that was a pretty penny to fix). 🙁 I hope everything starts going your way soon!

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