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The Dentist Appointment – The Play By Play

December 7, 2012

Yesterday’s post pretty much set the mood for how I was feeling about my appointment today with the dentist.  Dread.

It was bright and early at 9am and I headed out to my appointment with my stomach flip flopping the whole way.  I knew I was doomed and I was going to hear the worst news possible.

I checked in and had to fill out the standard new patient paperwork.

Not too bad but I always hate filling these things out since I for the life of me can never remember my husband’s cell phone number.  I’m so used to just clicking his name on my phone rather than having to dial it out like we had to when I was a kid.

I felt like I was waiting forever…they were running late.  Thirty minutes to be exact and I thought if this was a sign of what was to come…it wasn’t good.

Finally it was my turn.  My name was called and I headed back with a hygienist…who I hoped would be kind to me and my mouth, lol!

After talking to her, she was super friendly and had recently had a baby a few months ago too.  I explained how at my last dentist appointment in Colorado I was pretty much talked down to and told that I MUST have my wisdom teeth out.   This hygienist told me that it sounded like I had had bad experience and that they didn’t tell people what they had to do in their…just that they give recommendations and the reasoning behind it.

Okay…I was liking her already.

After taking my xrays…I confessed to her that at my last dentist’s office in Colorado the hygienist had told me I had the early signs of bone loss in my jaw (this scared the crap out of me and was probably another factor why I didn’t want to go back) and that I would need a ‘deep cleaning’ procedure that would be very uncomfortable.  And I had told her that the chick had gone commando while flossing my teeth and went at them like there was no tomorrow.  Days after, I was still taking Tylenol since my gums hurt so bad!  🙁

My current hygienist was clearly shocked and told me that I had NO BONE LOSS in my jaw and couldn’t believe that the other office had told me I would need the extra procedure.   So come to find out that I had been majorly stressing for no reason!

I loved this lady, lol!  She was even super gentle when it came to flossing.

After the cleaning the dentist came in to do his check.  He was really friendly and intimidating.  Also told me that if my wisdom teeth weren’t bothering me and since 3 out of 4 are impacted into my jawbone, there was no need to dig them out…so just to leave them be.  Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Now onto the moment of truth:  was my filling cracked or loss?  Neither…apparently the seal of the filling against the side of my tooth is gone so it’s not protecting my tooth as it should be.  Basically I have to go back in just for him to refinish the top and seal it again.  Brownie points that they don’t have completely redo the filling.

And drum roll please….this momma has no cavities!  Happy dance!

Here’s my big happy grin!

What did I learn today?  Well if you have the right dentist, it’s not a scary experience.  I had just had bad luck in Colorado with who I had picked.  They had wanted me to go through unnecessary procedures and didn’t care about my comfort.

I have to go back in to fix my filling…but I’m not worried anymore.

If you have a horrible dentist…don’t put up with it!  Find a new one!

Mabel even got her first toothbrush!  They gave me a little one to take home for her.

I officially love my new dentist and hygienist.

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