When I Was Little, I Wanted To Be…

A marine biologist…more specifically the person that shoots out of the water on the nose of Shamu at SeaWorld.


I had an obsession with all sea mammals when I was younger, a huge collection of stuffed animals ranging seals to whales, and a book collection of anything related to the sea.  I could spout off any fact if asked a question and I could tell you the name of any porpoise just from a photo.

Yep, I was that child.  Lol, you know…like the kiddo that is obsessed with dinosaurs.

I figured there wasn’t a better job than being able to work with the sea life at SeaWorld and get to have a ton of fun while doing it.

I don’t exactly remember when I stopped wanting to be a marine biologist…it might have been in high school when others thought it sounded ridiculous.  I just can’t remember…

I honestly can’t picture myself jumping off of a while now…but I still think the idea is pretty intriguing.  I can’t wait until Mabel is old enough to go to SeaWorld for the first time as a family nor can I wait to see what Mabel’s childhood aspirations are.

What did you want to be when you were a little kid?  Leave me a comment.  🙂 Don’t worry…I don’t judge, lol!

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14 thoughts on “When I Was Little, I Wanted To Be…

    • Morgan says:

      I wasn’t the only one…yay! 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I kept going back and forth with what I wanted to do after HS and during college. So now, mom/wife/and Etsy shop owner is just fine!

  1. amber cease says:

    I wanted to be an architect or interior designer… ended up a nurse, and now a stay-at-home mom… Would’ve never guessed that blogging would be in my fusure as I opted out of AP Literature my senior yr. of H.S. Your aspirations to be a marine biologist when young will be fun to tell Mabel about! 😉

    • Morgan says:

      I know…I’m not sure if blogging really existed when I was in hs, lol! I always loved writing so I guess this kind of goes along with it.

  2. Shasta says:

    I wanted to be a marine biologist too, that was until I found out that killer whales eat seals. I then decided that I didn’t want to work in that profession anymore.

    • Morgan says:

      Apparently a bunch of ladies wanted to be marine biologists! 🙂 It kind of made me said when I learned that killer whales ate seals but I don’t think that was the reason for me not wanting to be one…I think it might have been that I found out it was super hard to get a job at SeaWorld? Lol, I may never remember!

  3. Jenn says:

    I wanted to be a garbage collector. Every Wednesday morning, my sister and I would wait at the front window for our garbage man to come collect our trash. We would smile and wave to him, and I thought that every kid at every house did this! I thought that it would be great to have all the kids in town wave and smile to me, so that was my dream job.

    Of course, I got older and realized that my sister and I were probably the only ones who waved at the garbage man, and ultimately, I became a teacher instead!

    • Morgan says:

      Aw, this just made my day! I love the way we thought when we were kids. 🙂 And just think, you and your sister probably made that garbage man’s day!

  4. noel bressler says:

    I wanted to be a writer, and still do, and still may… 🙂 heck, I am a writer everyday! Ah, the great thing about a freelance dream. Writing a novel is on the bucket-before-thirty-list…

    • Morgan says:

      I swear you are in my head!! I’ve always wanted to write a book too…I could just never pin down what I should write about or what kind of book. Sooo that makes it a lot more challenging, ha!

  5. Amy says:

    I always wanted to be a geologist! I wanted to study weather and chase hurricanes and tornadoes. I was that kid that loved when it stormed and asked lots of questions in geography. I still love geography and the world! I now work in the travel industry.

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