WEN Cleansing Conditioner Experience and Review

WEN Cleansing Review

WEN and I go back since when I was pregnant.  Some of you may remember when I talked about buying it for the first time but I never did a review.  And that was because when I was pregnant, my hair kinda freaked out on me and only did well when washed with Head and Shoulders.  Haha!  Seriously…I didn’t have dandruff but it was the only shampoo that would clean my hair without leaving it plastered to my head.  Darn pregnancy hormones!  So that’s why there never was a review…I didn’t feel that it was fair to give you a skewed review since absolutely nothing worked on my hair at that point.

So now that I’m not pregnant I felt that I would give it a shot again.  I ordered the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner and I decided to order it from QVC rather than directly from the WEN site.  This was primarily because I wanted to order it one time rather than signing up for an ‘auto delivery’ service.  QVC does offer an ‘auto delivery’ program but I like to order products when I need them.  Also, QVC has a very simple 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and a simple return procedure if you don’t like something.  I figured I couldn’t lose…since if I didn’t like Wen this time around I could just send it back.

When I opened the box there was a whole WEN brochure (pictured at the top of this post).  Inside is a ton of info on all the products and what hair types each scent is for.  I also had to laugh when I saw that Chaz Dean mentioned inside that he gives his dogs a moisturizing treatment with WEN every week.  Darn…I wish I had the money to wash my pugs in WEN every week!  Here’s the bottle I ordered:

Wen Lavender Review

The Lavender WEN is supposed to be good on all types of hair.  I had the Cucumber Aloe when I was pregnant.  Both scents are pleasant but I like the lavender scent a bit more.  All types of WEN have an herbal scent, which I actually prefer compared to overly floral scents for my hair…I don’t like anything mixing too much with my perfume.

When Mabel went down for her nap today, I was excited to hop in the shower and actually try it out!  I read the directions and used the amount of pumps of product that it recommended.  And I highly suggest you follow the directions!  I think a major reason for why people don’t have the desired results are because they don’t use enough of the product.

Here are my results after only using a tad of volumizing mousse and drying with my blow dryer.  Also keep in mind that I haven’t styled it at all…no flat ironing so there are some kinks/waves in my hair…I just wanted to give you an unaltered look at my hair after using Wen.

wen hair review

wen hair2

My hair feels really voluminous (more so than it does with my normal shampoo and conditioner) and it also feels a lot smoother.  I’ve been dealing with drier hair since I’ve been coloring it and I could instantly feel the difference after just my first use of WEN.  I think I’m a believer!  🙂

The only negatives to WEN are the price and not being able to buy it in the store.  The price is steep ranging from $29 – $49.50 depending on the bottle size…more than I would like to pay.  But because I really like it, I think that I probably will continue to buy it (at least treat myself to it every other month).  Also, it’s kind of a bummer that you can’t find it in the store.  That means I have to remember to order it when I’m running out (and no I still won’t sign up for ‘auto delivery’, lol!) and then I have to pay for shipping and handling.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase!  If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and trying it out…I say go ahead!  🙂  And remember that QVC has a 100% satisfaction guarantee !

Have you tried WEN or do you wan to try it?  Do you like any of the other scents?

7 thoughts on “WEN Cleansing Conditioner Experience and Review

  1. Amber Cease says:

    Hey girl, if you live near a Sally Beauty store, they sell a product very comparable to the Wen, it’s called Hair One (and like the Wen, have different scents for different hair types)… might be something to look into if you don’t want to have to remember to re-order or pay S&H 😉

    • KarenM says:

      I too tried Sally’s, Hated the way it made my hair feel! So I would never recommend it! But one day my friend gave me the real WEN shampoo. Well I’m a believer and I’ll never go black to regular shampoo! My hair feels fabulous and shines! I have wavy hair and it tends to be dry, not anymore! I’m a WEN girl now!

  2. Audrey says:

    I have used Wen for almost two years, and love it. I do recommend using the amount and folliowing the directions given. I i order from QVC and get it very reasonably, and get a delivery just when I need it. And I love that I don’t have to wash my hair very often. I have three small children at home, so beauty regimen needs to be quick! Thanks for the post, I am a Wen lover!

  3. Kmallen says:

    I bought wen. Loved it. However I did not take not that I was slowly loosing my hair.
    It was not until I took note of my part line that I have a very visible
    Line. I have always had tuns of hair and hardly showed my part line. Now I can see it clear as day. My husband lost his hair in the back and now has a bald spot along w my teenage children taking note of there hair thinning. Aweful product do not ever use it.
    When they don’t carry it in any hair salon that is a warning.
    Now I have bottles and bottles of the stuff. What a waist of money.

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