Trash Bags and Paint Brushes

It’s been about a week now since we got PCS orders to move and I just have a feeling that these next three months are going to fly by.  As excited as I am to start fresh in a new town, there is a lot of work left to do here before we can leave.

paint cans

If we were moving and didn’t have to worry about selling our house, it would be a piece of cake.  But we chose to buy here in Delaware so it’s a tad more complicated.  The house needs to be power washed, painted, cleaned and then a handful of other little fixes here and there before we can put it on the market.

This is what we’ve been up to:

  1. I met with the company we chose to paint several rooms in the house last week = scheduled and ready to go!
  2. Two packed trash cans went out on trash day this week = progress in getting rid of clutter.
  3. Painted two of our bathrooms myself over the past week and a half.
  4. Caulked two tubs in our house = I’m more of a handywoman than I thought!
  5. We’re going to Home Depot this weekend to pick out new light fixtures that we’ll install on the outside of the house asap!
  6. Clean, clean, clean…and just when I think I’m done…clean some more.

I’m seriously thankful Mabel still takes super long naps or most of that stuff wouldn’t have gotten done already…

With all of that being said, my husband and I have decided not to buy another property until he is out of the Air Force for good.  From here on out, we are only slated to be at each base for 2-3 years and it’s just way too much to try to buy and sell properties that often…I don’t handle stress well, lol!  Not to mention, I’m over having to pay for home upkeep after our water heater flooded the house last fall and our heater broke earlier this year.  I’ll be just fine leaving that for a landlord/property manager to do for me!  🙂

So what’s in store for the next week?  We’re going to paint our master bedroom and the family room (we hired the painters to do the two story foyer/stairwell since I know my limitations) and I’m going to continue purging items we don’t need anymore (clothing to kitchen gadgets!).

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful - William Morris
Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful – William Morris

I guess the one good thing about moving so frequently is that it’s a good opportunity to go through all the stuff that we’ve acquired and get rid of/donate items that we no longer need.  Because I’m telling you that if we didn’t move, I’d totally be guilty of sticking something in the closet and just leaving it there since I didn’t want to deal with figuring out if I should keep it or not.  Horrible, right?!

My current goal:  Don’t let a Trash Tuesday go by without sending down two full trash cans for the garbage men!

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