Universal Orlando Vacation: Part 2 – Loews Portofino

During our vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida we chose to stay on the Universal property at one of their resorts:  The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.

View at night with the ‘harbor’. Loews Portofino

I can’t say enough good things about this hotel.  Everything was gorgeous and visually appealing…and we truly did feel transported to Italy.  Well, as close to Italy as you can get at a resort, lol!  They stuck to this theme to a T and everything added to the charm.  They even have little Vespas all around the hotel.  🙂  The little kids seemed to enjoy playing on them…and I guess I did too!

Trying to look tough of a fake Vespa.

The staff was nicely dressed, very pleasant and willing to help you with any questions or anything else you might need.  AND our room was upgraded for free when we checked in!  We went from a standard king room to a deluxe king room.  This was probably due to the hotel not being booked…if you’re looking for a good time to visit Universal, the first two weeks in November are perfect.  The hotel staff said this is the slowest time of the year and once the holidays approach, they will be packed again until March…and then of course all summer long.

Here are some photos of our room/bathroom (I was in love with the bathroom!)

Hubby relaxing after a day at Universal.
There was a nice couch…until I covered it with all my stuff…
The TV…and the mini bar was locked underneath.
The mini bar…we didn’t eat/drink anything since it was a tad pricey!
The price list…prepare to be shocked, lol!
A patio was part of our room upgrade…with a nice view out to the garden.
Double sinks…once again wtih all of my stuff all over them.
A nice tiled shower.
Bath tub…great for when you are traveling with little ones.

I’ll flat out tell you it would have been cheaper to stay off of the Universal property at one of the surrounding hotels in Orlando but in my opinion, there are way more perks when you stay at one of the three hotels on Universal (Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific, and Loews Portofino).  You get free transportation (shuttle bus or my favorite, by boat) to the other hotels on the park and to the City Walk/Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios.  You also get an Express Pass included with your stay that allows you to skip the lines or at least not wait as long for the rides.  Lastly, you get to enter Islands of Adventure an hour earlier than everyone else!  Well worth the extra money to stay at one of the Universal hotels.

Oh and I almost forgot!  They have several restaurants and bars at the hotel…all of which were very tasty!  These restaurants ranged from casual to fancy and were a great option if you didn’t feel like leaving the hotel to go somewhere else.

It was a great trip and we really enjoyed our hotel choice!  I would love to hear from you in the comment section if you’ve stayed at The Portofino, the Hard Rock, or the Royal Pacific and tell me what your thoughts were!  🙂


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