Urban Decay’s Naked Basics and Mystery Travel Bag

I’ve been a big fan of Urban Decay’s Naked 1 and 2 palettes that they’ve released (who doesn’t love neutral colors that you can dress up or dress down?!) so as soon as I heard they were releasing a new Basics Palette I was pretty excited!  I ordered it as soon as it went on sale. It’s priced at $27 for 6 shadows, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Not the greatest pic, I know!  But it gives you a general idea of the palette and what to expect.  Five of the shades are matte and one (the lightest color all the way at the bottom of the pic) has a pearly sheen.  I LOVE these shades.  I will say that I’ve seen a ton of people bashing the colors on Urban Decay’s FB page, but seriously people…how earth shattering can basic matte colors get?  They are called ‘basics’ because they are basic, lol!  These colors are great because I can wear them everyday, to run to the store, around the house and so on.  Nothing too flashy…just perfect and natural looking.

I haven’t had the chance to take photos of me wearing the shades but I’ll try to post some in an upcoming post. 

Another thing I ordered in my UD purchase was the Mystery Travel Bag.  Online they don’t tell you what you’re getting but state that for $16 you’re supposed to get $45 dollars worth of products.  Everything included is TSA approved for travel…so I knew to expect smaller sized items…maybe deluxe samples?

I’m about to blow the surprise so don’t read on if you don’t want to know!

This is what is in the bags (I bought two bags and they were both the same so it’s not like a grab bag where shades will vary by bag…they are all the same!):

What’s in the bag:

*The bag itself it a really nice durable zippered plastic bag…you’ll be able to reuse it!
*A one use sample of the original Eyeshadow Primer Potion – I use the primer in the shade Sin everyday!  Only eye primer I will use!
*Travel size All Nighter Spray – I personally LOVE this stuff!
*A mini 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Rehab – can be used as shadow or liner!
*A sample size Supercurl Curling Mascara – haven’t tried it yet but I’m always open to trying new mascara.
*FULL SIZE – Lip Junky lip gloss in Naked…I got in a super mini sample when I bought by Naked 2 palette and love it, so I was thrilled to get it in full size!

The other sample that I received with my purchase (they throw it in with any purchase) was a BB cream.  I’m not a huge fan of BB creams because I normally need more coverage than they provide but we’ll see.  I’ll give it a try and then let you know what I think!

And lastly my other buy which was on mega sale:

The All Nighter spray!  I told you above that I love this product…and have been using it for the past two years!  Apparently they are redesigning the bottles so I got this XL size bottle for $18 when it’s normally priced at $34 (at the time I posted this – it’s still available at this price)!  Yay!  🙂  It works really nicely with helping keep your makeup in place for the whole day.  I find that when I wear powder blush it tends to fade quickly but when I use this stuff…it’ll last for the whole day.

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One thought on “Urban Decay’s Naked Basics and Mystery Travel Bag

  1. Amber Cease says:

    Yay! Great review! My birthday is coming up on the 24th of this month… I have been hinting around to people about how badly I want to try the Naked Basics palette, haha. That is a steal for the setting spray! I may have to try it – I have only ever tried one setting spray and it was by e.l.f. and I was thoroughly unimpressed as it made my mascara run like I had been crying… and as a result haven’t tried any others since, just use powder… so thanks for this suggestion! 😉

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