Stitch Fix #2

It’s that time again…Stitch Fix #2 has arrived!

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix…it’s basically a fashion subscription service!  Boutique clothes are sent right to your door for you to try on and decide what or what not to keep.  If you want to know all the details, check out my original post on my first Stitch Fix box!

Anyway, I’m going to warn you that this box was a major dud…with the exception of 1 item.  And I was lame and only took one photo of myself in one of the articles of clothing they sent.  It was kind of a combination of me being lazy and also not wanting to show off how bad two of the pieces of clothing looked on me.  BUT it was still incredibly fun and I’ve already scheduled box #3 for later this month!

Let me start off with the two major offenders (and I’m sorry for the photo quality):

1. THML Yoke Sweater Dress – Yuck.  Made me look completely shapeless and I’m not a fan of the sheer panel at the top that goes halfway down each arm.  Each sheer panel came to a point.  It doesn’t allow you to wear a normal bra…with the sheer panel you have to go with a strapless.  Not a huge deal…it just wasn’t me at all.

2. MM Couture Watercolor Print Blouse – Yuck #2.  The print was horrible and you can’t really tell in this photo but the front had soooo much extra fabric.  It made me look 20 pounds heavier.  Not really going for that look right now, lol!

Onto the neutral pieces that I didn’t loathe but I didn’t love either:

3. By Philippe Circle Slip Through Earrings – These looked absolutely fine but they didn’t have backings.  I was just super paranoid that they would somehow slip out during the day and then I’d be left with only one earring.  Ultimately, they were sent back.

4. Mystree Elliot 3/4 Sleever Cardigan – my husband really liked this but I didn’t love it.  I couldn’t get a feeling for it it was casual chic or grandma chic, lol!  The stitching detail on the sleeves and the hem was what I wasn’t a fan of.  Oh well.

And the winner…

5. Willow and Clay Estee Military Jacket – The gem!  I LOVE this jacket and the funny thing is when I first opened the box, this is the item I thought I’d hate the most.  This was the keeper and even though everything else in the box was sent back, it made the whole box worth it.  🙂  And let me say the clothes that I’m wearing in the photo are not what I’d normally wear with the jacket…I just didn’t feel like putting makeup on or fancy clothes for the photo.  Sorry!

I think it will look gorgeous with a pair of jeans and some flats.  😉

What did I learn from this fix? – Since I felt like this fix was kind of ‘off’ from my style, I decided to go back into my style profile (the survey I filled out when I signed up) and revamped my answers.  I noticed I had picked some answers that I hadn’t meant to check.  So I fixed those and I’m hoping that will help the stylists pick some choices that are more ‘me’ for the next box.  ALSO, when you send items back, they allow you to type in the reasons why you are sending them back.  They say to be completely honest…so I was.  😉  That way they have a better idea of why it was a miss and not a hit.

Feel like getting on the wait-list?Click here!  If you’re on the fence about signing up, I suggest you at least put your name on the wait-list since it can take a while to get off of it.  And if you get an invitation and aren’t ready to join, you don’t have to.  🙂

If you sign up…let me know!  I’d love to find out what you get in your Stitch Fix!

**And be sure to checkout all my other Stitch Fix posts here :)

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