We Have A Walker

This was the biggest event this weekend:

Mabel is walking!  Well…not 100% on her own but she’s chugging along with the help of her baby walkers.  🙂  She has a VTech walker that you’ve probably seen in other photos (it’s great and can ‘grow’ with your child) and this ‘Chomper’ one from Melissa and Doug (sturdy all wood construction = quality!).

I can’t get enough of those little wobbly legs and awkward steps!

I was sooo thrilled and you could tell she was really proud of herself.  At 9 months and some change, I’ve been floored at all of her recent accomplishments.  It truly is mind blowing how fast babies grow and develope.  Just three months ago she wasn’t even rolling over on her own (she was late to roll over since she would always freak out during tummy time) and now she’s crawling and walking in the matter of a few weeks!

Woo Hoo Miss Mabel!

So for all of you mommas out there…once your little one started walking with the aid of something else…how long did it take for them to be walking completely on their own?

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6 thoughts on “We Have A Walker

  1. Megan says:

    My LO is 13 months – she has been pulling up and cruising since she was 9 months….and she STILL won’t walk on her own! I think she could totally do it if she wanted, but she isn’t confident enough yet. Oh well, we’ll get there!

    • Morgan says:

      Aw, she’s probably just content with crawling and cruising! I swear that’s why Mabel wouldn’t roll over on her own until almost 7 months, lol! She was just too happy chilling and letting people do everything for her. Babies know how to work the system already, ha! 🙂

    • Morgan says:

      🙂 Caroline, you’ll have to let me know if Owen does things on the same time frame as Lila. I’m curious to find out if our second baby will be completely different than Mabel!

  2. Aimee says:

    My Savannah is the SAME way as Megan’s LO. She was a late roller-over, late crawler, and now a late walker. Rolling over was around 5 months, crawling was between 7-8 months. She began pulling up & cruising around 8-9 months, and walking with walkers at home and at day care; but now at 14 months, she’s still not comfortable letting go. She will take about 4-5 steps by herself from me to Daddy, but if it’s any further than that, she’ll just squat and crawl the rest of the way, lol! Everyone says she’ll take off when she’s ready (and then I’ll wish she wasn’t walking lol) so hopefully soon I’ll have a full-on walker on my hands! Good luck to you and Mabel!!!

  3. noel bressler says:

    Aww yay, she looks so cute struttin’ her stuff lol

    my baby, Raegan, walked about nine months as well, had been pulling up and cruising since she was 7 months but officially took her first steps at 9 and it was on from there! she was kind of late sitting on her own, she preferred to move so whenever we tried practicing sitting she’d flop forward and roll to wherever she wanted to go! but once she was mobile there was no turning back!

    congrats mama and good luck keeping up!

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