Current Obsessions – December 2012

I realized that it’s been months since I did a post like this.  So, it was time!  I’ve put together a list of my current obsessions.

Random but fun!

  1. Sunset Horizon Scarf – Madewell – $49.50 – I’ve been wanting to get a scarf so bad lately!  I keep seeing cute Pinterest fashion photos but I’m debating whether or not I can pull one off.  This neutral color could go with so many outfits!
  2. Long Sleeve Cameo Top – DownEast – $35.99 – This is a pretty top that’s roomy…stick a tank under it and I’d be good to go!
  3. Heaven Glitter Flat – Steve Madden – $39.95 – I have these in black, love them and get tons of compliments! Now I want this soft gold color!
  4. Gold Tiny Twig Necklace – Lisa Leonard – $54 – Such a dainty and feminine piece!  Lisa handcrafts all of her jewelry and I’m in love with a handful of other pieces she makes.  I wonder if I can convince Hubby to get me on for the holidays?
  5. Santa Fleece Sleep N’ Play – Target – $8.99 – This isn’t for me, it’s for Mabel.  And she already has it…you may have seen it in the post pic from yesterday.  I just think it’s adorable!!
  6. Casetagram iPhone Customized Case – Around $30something depending on your phone – Super neat…takes your Instagram photos and lets you make a fully customizable case!  I bought one and should have it in a week!
  7. Pumpkin Roll Wax Bar – Scentsy – $5 – My current scent obsession!  Such a warm and welcoming scent that reminds me of fall and the holidays.

What are your current obsessions this month?  Any particular item on your wish-list for the holidays?

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3 thoughts on “Current Obsessions – December 2012

  1. Amber Cease says:

    I saw Mabel’s pic in that Sleep N’ Play yesterday, she was adorable… and well, so was Santa fleece, haha. Love the color of that scarf, so many have bright colors or big bold prints that only go with limited outfits… this one would be sooo versatile! Love the flats, can’t ever have too much glitter in your life… and you said they come in black, too? Did you receive your Urban Decay Naked Palette yet?! I was super-excited to see that they were coming out with a set of all matte shades, and it popped up on my FB News Feed that you got them the other day… you will have to let me know how they are! 😉

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah I figured a neutral color would be the best. 🙂 I love ones with vibrant prints but I wouldn’t know what to pair them with…I’m not very experimental with my wardrobe, lol! And yep, they have the flats in black. I have a pair and they go with pretty much everything! Not too flashy…just enough sparkle.

      I’ll let you know when the UD palette comes in. I ordered the day it came out and I don’t think it’s shipped yet. So many people are complaining it’s boring but seriously, they are matte shades. How exciting can they get, lol?! I just want some classic colors that will go with everything.

  2. noel bressler says:

    Love your wishlist, I wouldn’t mind owning most of those items myself! I write about budget fashion on my blog, so I have to say, $50 for a scarf seems like way too much to me!! If you don’t know how comfortable you’ll be in one or how much you’ll wear it, you should look at TJMaxx or Forever21 first before investing! 🙂 Steve Madden owns my heart, so I am loving your shoe selection. I love how the gold isn’t all in your face…I’m currently obsessed with finding the perfect leopard print flat and although I’m pretty sure it’ll be S.M…I can’t decide if i want a studded smoking slipper style or one that I can wear daily, simple classic design. Hmm…aaaaand I’m pretty sure I’ll be copying you with that phone case! great idea, thanks!!

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